There’s Gay, Openly Gay, Flamboyantly Gay and Then There’s Milo Gay


An excellent visual for a Bearing Arms story about gays who are arming up.  Am I being crass to suggest that the lesbians are probably taking the lead?

On Sunday, Pink Pistols speaker Gwendolyn Patton warned Americans against any knee-jerk reaction blaming guns for the Orlando shooting.

“The Pink Pistols gives condolences to all family and friends of those killed and injured at Pulse,” Patton said. “This is exactly the kind of heinous act that justifies our existence. At such a time of tragedy, let us not reach for the low-hanging fruit of blaming the killer’s guns. Let us stay focused on the fact that someone hated gay people so much they were ready to kill or injure so many. A human being did this. The human being’s tools are unimportant when compared to the bleakness of that person’s soul.

“I say again, guns did not do this,” she added. “A human being did this, a dead human being. Our job now is not to demonize the man’s tools, but to condemn his acts and work to prevent such acts in the future.”


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7 Responses to There’s Gay, Openly Gay, Flamboyantly Gay and Then There’s Milo Gay

  1. Paul Krendler says:


    Someone is telling liberals not to reach for low-hanging fruit?

    Yeah, good luck with that.

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  2. I’m happy to report that, since 1989, I have trained over 150 men and women in safe firearms handling, and bought each of them a one-year NRA membership.

    Every one of them was gay or bi. Most are still NRA members, and about half now have concealed carry licenses.

    Full disclosure:

    This is my 40th year as an NRA life member. I’m actually at the “Benefactor” membership level, which means I’ve upgraded my membership multiple times. All my kids and grandkids are Life Members, too.

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    • Perry Mason says:

      We now pause for a long while as Willy searches the NRA websites for a list of all Benefactors, and proceeds to call each and every one of them;

      “Are you my cousin Roy?????”

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