Germany Fines a Guy For Insulting Immigrants

(CNN) — A German court has convicted the founder of an anti-immigrant group of hate speech.

Lutz Bachmann, who once posed as Adolf Hitler in a selfie and coined verse about the Ku Klux Klan, was found guilty Tuesday of inciting hate speech on Facebook, said Birgit Kleeve, spokesperson for the district court in Dresden, Germany. [Why is that Nazi factoid relevant?  – Dave]

Bachmann was first charged last October of posting Facebook comments describing refugees, mostly Muslims, as “cattle,” “filth” and “scum.”

He was sentenced to a fine of €9,600. He will not face prison.

The court said Bachmann openly insulted the human dignity of refugees who came to Germany from war-torn countries, maliciously acting and inciting hatred against them.

He incited hatred, but not violence.  I don’t support this character, what he says or what he stands for.  I do think that as we see formerly rational places starting to punish people for speech or ‘hate,’ we’re seeing a very dangerous trend.


2 thoughts on “Germany Fines a Guy For Insulting Immigrants

  1. onwyrdsdream

    Leaving aside the community as a whole, those who come in to rape, pillage, rob, subjugate, and molest have no meaningful human dignity to offend.

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