Germany Fines a Guy For Insulting Immigrants

(CNN) — A German court has convicted the founder of an anti-immigrant group of hate speech.

Lutz Bachmann, who once posed as Adolf Hitler in a selfie and coined verse about the Ku Klux Klan, was found guilty Tuesday of inciting hate speech on Facebook, said Birgit Kleeve, spokesperson for the district court in Dresden, Germany. [Why is that Nazi factoid relevant?  – Dave]

Bachmann was first charged last October of posting Facebook comments describing refugees, mostly Muslims, as “cattle,” “filth” and “scum.”

He was sentenced to a fine of €9,600. He will not face prison.

The court said Bachmann openly insulted the human dignity of refugees who came to Germany from war-torn countries, maliciously acting and inciting hatred against them.

He incited hatred, but not violence.  I don’t support this character, what he says or what he stands for.  I do think that as we see formerly rational places starting to punish people for speech or ‘hate,’ we’re seeing a very dangerous trend.

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2 Responses to Germany Fines a Guy For Insulting Immigrants

  1. Well, considering what Europeans seem to get up to every few decades at most, I’m not sure if this is prevention or provocation. Not likely to end well either way.

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  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    Leaving aside the community as a whole, those who come in to rape, pillage, rob, subjugate, and molest have no meaningful human dignity to offend.

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