Science is Corrupted

The character Fox Mulder of the X-Files is indirectly credited with one of the series’ tag lines; “The truth is out there.” 

When I read this article by Terence Corcoran in the Financial Post (H/T Arthur K via Ace), it was like a breath of fresh air.  Maybe the truth really is out there, and someone will point it out. X-Files-311718.jpg
Present reality is that science is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. That’s the not-so-tongue-in-cheek message in Science on the Verge, a new book by European scientist Andrea Saltelli and seven other contributors. Science on the Verge is a 200-page indictment of what to the lay reader appears to be a monumental deterioration across all fields, from climate science to health research to economics. The mere idea that “most published research results are false” should be cause for alarm.
One gets so tired of listening to a glorified mechanical engineer in a lab coat go on and on about the “settled” science or 98% of scientists (including at least one each OB/Gyn and Orthodontist of a total pool of 70 people).  Bill-Nye.jpg
I know that afficianadoes of artisan blogs and quality popcorn are probably refined enough to appreciate that the science is never settled and the models are for crap if they’re not reproducible.  But, it’s still nice to hear from a voice in the wilderness, such as Mr. Corcoran, that we’re not alone; and that we’re probably not wrong, in spite of what the SJWs would have you believe.
The editor tell’s me I’m supposed to give y’all a teaser quote so you’ll do the right thing by Mr. Corcoran and drop him some love:
It would be wrong to suspect that Science on the Verge is the work of right-wing activists, climate skeptics and hide-bound traditionalists.  It is the work, rather, of scientists with a range of ideological views despairing over what appears to be a fundamental breakdown as science has become more and more enmeshed in the business of providing evidence for policy-making.
But I know y’all are good netizens and don’t need teasers or self actualization to go read a good article.
Just in case; the editor also says if you don’t click through, this puppy has to ride with David across the continent. 
Don’t make me play Sarah McLachlan.


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