Dear Brett, Would you be my Pencil Pal?

I started a piece of artwork last night using Paint and a letter from Bill Schmalfeldt to Brett Kimberlin:


The original is at Hogewash! and is a document which is a letter to Brett Kimerlin in support of the accusations against John Hoge.  This even takes me by surprise:

The only person the serial bomber can find to support him with a letter is the guy with 9 Peace Orders, including one on behalf of a toddler.

At issue above is the continued abuse of the situation in which Bill Schmalfeldt would not stop contacting John Hoge by twitter and email even after John got a Peace Order from a judge demanding that contact stop.  Eventually Schmalfeldt faced charges filed in county court over his failure to stop contacting John Hoge.  Hundreds of times.

Bill Schmalfeldt has repeatedly stated — and now Brett Kimberlin has repeated in court documents — that John “filed nearly 300” or “more than 300” or “almost 400” charges. The numbers change like Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s lists of commies.  The phrase is supposed to support the notion that John is unhinged or obsessed.

Bill Schmalfeldt actually starts to nearly tell the truth in this section of the letter, since he’s admitted now that John doesn’t file charges.  Technically.  But we know that Hoge had to complain, show evidence to proper authorities and convince them that it was worth their time.


This is just easy.  Why were these nolle prosequi?  A Mediation Session was held in Carroll County Court on January 24th, 2014.  In a moment, the results of that hearing.


Two and a half years ago.

From John Hoge’s blog January 27, 2014:

This afternoon, I participated in a mediation session with Bill Schmalfeldt relating to the criminal charges now pending against him. We reached the following agreement:

1. Schmalfeldt agrees to abide by the peace order extension to include refraining from contact via @mentions on Twitter.
2. Schmalfeldt agrees to drop his appeal of the extension of the peace order.
3. I have agreed to recommend that the pending criminal charges be dropped, and I have done so.
4. I have agreed that any criminal charges may be expunged.

I do not wish to make any further comments on this matter.

Back to the drawing board:

NOLLE 2.png

So in Billogical language, the charges were ‘all deemed nolle prosequi by the late Carrol County State’s Attorney, Jerry Barnes.’   In English, Hoge let him slide on some of the charges, in mediation.  The “deemed…” language is to hide the facts.  Fast and loose.

In at least one case described below, Bill contacted John, there was a prosecution and trial and Bill was found not guilty.  That of course does not mean that the charges were nonsense, but just that a judge did not agree with a prosecutor.  Sometimes when the defendant is a liar, that happens.  It also doesn’t support the notion that Hoge is obsessed or unhinged.  Bill on the other hand…

This next part is touchy.  Hard to avoid curse words and venom.  John Hoge’s wife got sick, and Bill decided to write John a letter even though he had an active Peace Order.


I have stated the obvious before.  Bill Schmalfeldt made sure he said the correct words in that letter.  He avoided stating anything which was inappropriate.  Apparently, people can still act like asses while making sure they don’t get in serious trouble.

Bill Schmalfeldt once again contacted someone he was specifically warned, ordered and instructed by a judge NOT to contact.  Someone whose wife was ill.

If you need any proof of John Hoge’s high moral standards, ponder that.

There’s more, but a lot of it is the same old stuff from Bill Schmalfeldt’s shriveled logic circuits.  The funny thing is, I’ve been told by actual lawyers that if Bill wants to testify in his defense or in co-defendant Brett Kimberlin’s defense, he’ll have to come to court.  Appear under oath.  A “Dear Brett” letter won’t cut it.  This letter will affect nothing in this case.



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  1. Projection. It ain’t just a river in Egypt anymore. lol

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