A terrible, terrible situation

Kalamazoo Bike Murders 800px Image credit: http://www.mlive.com

Like I said over at the b2b blog [linkie], hanging is too good for the guy who did this.

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4 Responses to A terrible, terrible situation

  1. gmhowell says:

    Link not working for me.

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  2. Dr. Dan says:

    Holy crap!

    In my younger days I rode my bike to school and then work and all over town, even after getting a driver’s license. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, none of it mattered, I rode it everywhere.

    And got hit more times than I can remember. Maybe I can’t remember because I got hit so many times, that’s not the issue…I got hit by more cars than the local squirrel population! People blew off stop signs, red lights, side-swiped me into parked cars…some days I flew father than I rode, and I usualy rode 5 miles…

    But my bike NEVER ended up looking that bad. Holy crap. I learned a long time ago how to fix everything on my bike and replaced everything many times – but DAMN that looks like that hurt big time.

    I finally got a reflective vest like the guys wear out working on the highways. It helped the paramedics find me faster on the side of the road…

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