In answer to the question…in the US, it depends upon who wins in November. If Hillary, then we expect it sooner. If Trump, we expect it later.


When will Australia and the United States be allowing  this? “Nigeria’s National Assembly is considering a change to the country’s constitution that would expand the scope of jurisdiction of the country’s Islamic Sharia courts of appeal. Currently, the constitution limits those appellate courts to matters concerning family law. If approved, the change would permit Sharia appellate courts to take up criminal cases, some of which carry the death penalty, arising from lower Sharia courts. Christian churches in Nigeria say the proposal is a step toward Islamizing Nigeria.” Be prepared it will happen. NIGERIA COURTG_court_bldg_

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  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Having two or more law givers without a common presumption of which is supreme is not any better than being lawless, since one could punish for A and the other could punish for not A. The rule of law is one of the few real duties of a state, acknowledging a second authority undermines the first.

    This behavior courts an eventual (inevitable?) Revolution.

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    • People are often more loyal to a religion or a god than they are to the state. that’s especially true of Muslims, in my opinion.


      • onwyrdsdream says:

        That wouldn’t normally be all that bad, but Islam is also a political system. It isn’t much different from the perspective of the state as letting the communists have their own courts. “He injured me for taking his property, but there is no such thing as property rights, so he shold be punished.” Or some such.


  2. Sure, and there’s the thing about cutting heads off. That’s bad too,.


    • onwyrdsdream says:

      My only argument is “being more loyal to a religion than a state” itself isn’t bad, not that either the state or the religion are exempt from themselves being evil.
      Soviets or Romans who were jailed, tortured, or killed for refusing to abadon their faith were admirable, and in the case of the soviets, the state was evil. Or somewhat less dire, the nuns who refused to pay for birth control with Obamacare. Alternately, yes, religiously dictated murder despite the laws of the state.
      States don’t work well without a common moral code, and morality is typically dictated by religion. Multiculturalism makes societies less stable. Arguably it can also make them more adaptable, but a high mutation rate is generally bad unless there is a crisis.


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