Riots Don’t Just Happen

An interesting take on the San Jose riots.  

In the 1960s, the ideological ancestors of today’s riot-makers were anarchists intent on implementing their own form of organized violence, and their tactics are worth revisiting. The leftists would mobilize people in the streets with large milling crowds of rowdy criminals, waiting for a moment to strike when they would overwhelm police resources. Rioters provoke and then watch for police reaction and when nothing happens, they move in.

The passivity strategy led to many more deaths and injuries in the Detroit, Newark and Washington DC riots in the 1960s. A Washington, D.C., officer said at the time, “We could have stopped this thing if they (police administrators) had not put us under wraps.”

When riots are not quickly quelled with police use of force, they spiral out of control quickly and they give viewers watching on TV the impression that their government is incapable of getting things under control.

I don’t actually know first hand if this writer is correct. but I do know the riots are not “fueled by Trump’s toxic rhetoric,” as the scapegoating left would say.  There are more basic causes.

When someone crosses a border illegally, applies for benefits under an assumed name, and drives without a license or insurance, their behavior determines the attitude toward government.

Similarly if the family unit conspires to increase its welfare benefits by lying to social workers and all other representatives of government, if affects the relationship with that government.

And when individuals pay zero tax, and have nearly no obligation to the government, they grow up disrespecting the government.

These are broad generalizations, but in many cases they fit. Poor folks in the American model of welfare are made more dependent and resentful by their experience with the government.  This is toxic.  We’ve failed our poor.  We failed our illegal  immigrants by not instructing them on the rule of law — first hand, first time.  In the name of cheap home construction, farm labor and domestic help, we’ve allowed the illegal immigrant population to grow.

Oh, the riots are totally the fault of the jerks in the streets.  I’m just pointing out that people with respect for America don’t usually riot just because some guy said something. After decades of lawlessness, why would we expect civility?

Typical qualifier: Plenty of really great Latinos in the country.  Terrific people.  Love people of other cultures…  Not a racist.  Love all people.

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