When You’re Being Sued…

Your lawyer will probably tell you to avoid really mean public statements.  Or any public statements which might negatively affect your case.
Of course, common sense or a sense of conscience would also prevent most folks from Tweeting this:

Purloined Parodies ‏@PurloinedParody ·  (aka Bill Schmalfeldt)

But that’s in the past, @wjjhoge. I hope when Death comes for you, it will find you screaming in agony & terror. God may forgive. I do not.

Now, I’m not an expert on internet graphics, but a guy could put most of that under a picture of the author, Bill Schmalfeldt, add “Billy Sez” to the artwork, and create a nice poster.  I’m not sure it would be out of context, since there’s no real context which excuses the ‘screaming in agony and terror” part.

For the record, I don’t wish that Bill finds himself in agony and terror, either before death or after.  I do hope he finds a way to put all of the wasted pixels into focus, long before he dies.

John Hoge has not done anything to Bill, except maybe refuse to cower in fear over Bill’s thunderous declarations.

John forgave Bill for the 367 violations of his Peace Order, and in the long term, that did damage to Bill.  It would have been much better for Bill Schmalfeldt if he had been punished for his misdeeds long ago, rather than skating by.

Well, there’s always tomorrow.  I’m told Monday at noon is a popular time and day for momentous court rulings.


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4 Responses to When You’re Being Sued…

  1. Simo Häyhä says:

    To his credit, Bill hasn’t addressed a judge as a “Zucchini Patch Slavemaster” like Deb Frisch.

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  2. Jeanette Victoria says:

    It might also be a good idea NOT to proclaim one winning prematurely especially when the judge has allowed a counter-suit. Just sayin
    (It is also a good idea not to LIE on discovery)

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  3. Gus Bailey says:

    It has been foretold; Bill will most likely die alone. This was not a difficult bit of clairvoyance; one need simply look at the current facts.

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