Federal Judge Sides With Christian Group, First Amendment

This does not happen enough:


A federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction on behalf of a student group which challenged an N.C. State University policy that requires people or groups wanting to distribute literature on campus to get a permit.

U.S. District Court Judge James C. Dever issued a ruling Saturday saying the N.C. State policy violates the First Amendment. His order prevents the university from requiring any student, student group or off-campus guest to obtain a permit as is currently required.

Dever’s order also says the school cannot impose restrictions because of the content or viewpoint and the potential reaction to the content.  [Emphasis mine. – Dave]

The Christian group was told it needed a permit to distribute literature while other groups were seen freely passing out whatever they wanted.

Notice the judge also sided against the “heckler’s veto,” the nasty argument which says if you offend or incite others to negative behavior, that obviously you need to be shut up.

It’s preliminary, and as such a temporary fix.  Colleges really do think they can limit free speech using “free speech zones” and permits.  Of all the places where ideas should flow freely, I think college should be at the top of the list.

The full order here.

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4 Responses to Federal Judge Sides With Christian Group, First Amendment

  1. Charles Hudson says:

    “University officials said the policy dates to 1993 and was implemented to help ensure student safety. When pressed by Dever about safety issues, the state lawyers could not provide an example.”

    Leftists will blatantly lie through their teeth to get what they want. For leftists, the end justifies the means. They best way to deal with leftists lies is by shining the light of truth on their efforts. The left really dislikes that. “Truth to power” right back at ’em. But good luck finding any mainstream media that will “investigate” leftist lies to find out why those lies exist in the first place.

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