School Calls Sheriff to Stop 7-Year-Old From Handing Out Bible Verses

Crossposted from Fr. Paul Lemmen’s A Conservative Christian Man.

A Conservative Christian Man


Liberty Counsel has demanded that Desert Rose Elementary School correct an outrageous violation of a first grader’s constitutional rights. The situation started with an encouraging note and Bible verse from mom Christina Zavala, tucked into a packed lunch for her little boy (“C”). The seven-year-old boy read the note and verse, and showed them to his friends during lunch time at school

“What’s that ma’me? Proselytizing?  In broad daylight at school?  

The notes were a hit, so the child was eventually forced to the edge of the school property.

…on May 9, 2016, Principal Melanie Pagliaro approached Mr. Zavala at that location, and demanded that C only hand out the notes on a public sidewalk, far from the exit, off school property. The family immediately complied. [They moved! – Dave]

Later that day, however, a Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff knocked at the door of C’s home, demanding that C’s…

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10 Responses to School Calls Sheriff to Stop 7-Year-Old From Handing Out Bible Verses

  1. Gus Bailey says:

    Great/pathetic story, and I gave Fr. Paul a hit and comment; but I’ll ask the same question here.

    Who is the fist-face over Sgt. Friday’s shoulder. I don’t think it’s Johann Banner (Sgt. Schultz) nor is it Raymond Burr. I’ve seen him do other character work, but I just can’t place him.

    Wait, he did headline in a seventies police drama…


  2. crawford421 says:

    I believe that was Julius Krelboyne.


  3. Sorry. Drunkblogging. Original Matt Dillon.

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    • Toastrider says:

      I did, and then I was sorely tempted to suggest messing with these idiots by sending in all sorts of ‘religious’ motivational texts. Stuff from the Church of the Subgenius, Eris Discordia, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Chaos Gods, the God-Emperor of Man, various fictional deities from the D&D/Pathfinder settings…

      Imagine the reaction of a teacher when the kid has a slip that says ‘A mind without purpose will wander in dark places.’ Or ‘Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!’ Or, ‘Let him touch us with his noodly appendage.’

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    • Gus Bailey says:

      Yes, as I said, I even clicked through to Fr. Paul’s for the rest of the story.
      To be honest, it’s disgusting. It maked me run through the full Kubler-Ross in three minutes. I’m resolved that we live in a broken and evil world. I will hold my light as high as I can, but will keep my sidearm at the ready.

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  4. Gus Bailey says:

    “maked”? wtf?

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  5. You know, this sort of harassment will continue until Christians start acting like Muslims, lopping off the heads of a few of the godless when they question God’s Truth…


    Seriously, people need to get a grip, and stop acting like proselytizing is offensive. Before head lopping is required to make the point…

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