Trump Rolls!

I’m not as convinced of the outcome, in part because I can’t predict Trump. I also can’t predict a loaded canon rolling on the deck of a wayward ship.
While I have not come up with a good reason to want Trump as president, I do know a great reason to want him as the Republican nominee. I don’t know of anybody so unafraid of Hillary Clinton. Pop the popcorn, and enjoy the debates. – Dave

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3 Responses to Trump Rolls!

  1. D. Edgren says:

    For all his faults, Donald Trump will pound the crap out of Hillary in the run-up to the election. That alone makes me willing to support him. We all know what each of them is. The difference is that Trump will more or less admit it, or at least say “so what?” Hillary, on the other hand, is a character wholly composed of lies told by herself and others over the years. She has no agenda except for the aggrandisement of power for her own benefit. I don’t think she has any ideals or scruples. I don’t think she gives a rat’s ass for what would be good for this country to the extent that such would conflict with what she sees as good for her.

    Of course, I also think she will come out as a lesbian or bi-sexual after the Democrats nominate her. Not because it is the truth, but because it will pander to a huge special interest group within that party. Dykes for Hillary, and non-LGBT rights be damned!


  2. I mentally flirted with #NeverTrump, but I am completely committed to #NeverHillary. For all his myriad faults as a candidate, a businessman, and a human being, Trump’s bad decisions entirely lack a body-count.


  3. I’m rather “meh” about the whole election, though it has been amusing to watch Sanders drag Hillary to the left. I’m kinda hoping the entire outrage over how the Democrats have rigged things against Sanders causes him to run third-party. The Green Party loves him, according to my wife’s loon cousin, who is a Green Party official in their state organization. She’s a blast at family gatherings, I’ll tell you what!

    I have no desire to see Trump as POTUS, but I know, rock solid fact, that I will not have Hillary in that position.

    I’m focussing my efforts, and funds, locally, at the state level. Win there, hard enough and long enough, and there will be no support for the loony left at the national level, from my state.


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