Memorial Day, too

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It’s Memorial Day- I think about my grandfather Dewey Steffen, my dad Jack Edgren, my uncle Don Edgren, my cousin (Don’s son) Denis Edgren, my nephew Jack Kidder Sr., and my son Jonathan Edgren, all of whom served in various branches of the military dating back to World War I. I served too, and managed to never hit the wrong button.

I do have a gripe. I keep hearing about “Fort This or That” having been renamed to “Joint Base This or That.” The military spent a bunch of time in the 1980s renaming U.S. Army places in particular “Forts” to reflect a proud warrior heritage. Now that isn’t important, I guess. I suppose “soldiers, sailors, airmen (and women) and marines” will all revert to being “service members” again.

Serving in the military needs to mean something, if that’s what you choose to do. It’s not the same thing as joining an athletic club. It is most assuredly not a 9 to 5 job, or even a job at all. It’s a selfless calling (I know I’ll catch hell from a few of my friends for saying that, but it is- so there). None of the family members I named above had to give their all, but that could have happened to any of them. It could have happened to me. On Memorial Day we should think about everyone who has served, yes, but we should all reserve special thanks for those who did make the ultimate sacrifice. They gave up their lives in service to this country- whatever you think of our military and the policies of our government you should never, ever forget that.

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  1. Wisconsin Bound says:

    Thank you for your service. Both earlier for our entire country and more recently for a seemingly (but not really) smaller group.

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