Book Burning Alert: Portland School Board Will Have No One Question Climate Change

As I’ve said before, the science and the law are “settled” precisely at the moment the liberal wins!Liberal-fascism

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1 Response to Book Burning Alert: Portland School Board Will Have No One Question Climate Change

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Climate Change is real enough, the dawn of man and the end of an ice age that covered where the great Northern cities in a mile thick ice sheat coinside. It is just that compared to the variability of the solar cycles, orbital dynamics and various other factors hardly understood at all, man’s effect can still be considered the beating of a gnat’s wings vs a light bulb when calculating changing the temperature of a room. That is to say the climate has changed, it will change, but anthropogenic climate change is another matter.

    Now, as climate does change on its own, the best way of properly dealing with it is to increase man’s adaptibility. The best way of doing that is free markets/capitalism. Even if climate change were caused by man, even if it is unrelated to man, this remains true. So what do they want to do? Massive taxes and reduction in industry, in order to prevent the Earth from doing what it would naturally do. We aren’t significantly effecting the enviroment, but they want to build massive artificial trees, change the ocean’s chemistry to make massive plankton blooms, escentially paint the earth to change its surface reflectivity, and likewise orbit mirrors and shield the earth. Comparatively, the market simply wants to build better things and offer better services we desire and need using fewer resources, with less labor, and higher quality forever.

    So their solution to a problem they exaggerate 3 orders of magnitude or more is to make man less adaptive and to artificially change the enviroment. The environmentalist movement is headed by people who are basically anti-humanity, and those who take them too seriously are useful idiots.

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