I would appreciate some help…

…with a list I’ve started for pre-bike trip to-dos.

wheel-full-70pxThe list is here [linkie].

Thanks in advance for your comments, suggestions and recommendations.


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2 Responses to I would appreciate some help…

  1. monitor2112 says:

    I can’t think of anything to add that you don’t already have on the list. It looks like you are going to be riding through my portion of Arkansas. I might be able to suggest a restaurant or something.


  2. Grace says:

    Dave —

    For some reason I’m struggling with leaving a comment on your Bike Trip blog, so I’ll drop a couple of thoughts/suggestions here. I hope you find some of the information useful.

    I ran across the following website (ITS Tactical) years back when I was researching building Bug-Out Bags for myself, hubby, and kiddo. While perusing the site, I tripped over the following tip that I forwarded to the son of a good friend who is an avid cyclist. He is always interested in ways to make his gear as lightweight as possible.


    There was also a small series done on Lightweight Backpacking. I’d think many of the ideas would easily translate to cycling as well.


    The author of the series, Brian Green, is a diehard backpacker. The following is a direct link to his website. He has a lot of interesting tips and tricks, along with suggestions for various types of gear.


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