Never? Not Once?

I think I get this.  The present Inspector General has just issued a report critical, but not apoplectic of the email situation under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  The report is here.

We have inspectors general who work full time making sure proper procedures and rules are followed.  The guy in the job now, was not in the position during Clinton’s time in office.  There was somebody, somebody in that full time job during the 2009-2013 first term of President Barack Obama, when Hillary was using her own email system.

In four years, the Inspector General of the State Department (who also is the IG of the Broadcasting Board of Governors) never, ever… – deep breath –

That individual never emailed Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State?  Never needed to ‘cc’ the head of the department?  Never?

This reminds me of a cop who I just made up who just plain liked his revolver.  Hated the 9mm Glock he was issued.  So, he just carried his Smith and Wesson and stored the revolver.  One day, he shot somebody.  The chief said,”Why the hell weren’t you carrying your 9mm?”  Every day for a decade, Sgt. Cassidy had been carrying around a revolver, and nobody noticed?

Please.  Clinton, all her chiefs, the IG, and anyone who sent anything to Hillary (or whatever it was – I’m too angry to look it up) should be perp walked into the J. Edgar Hoover building today.

“Remember boys.  Secret Service says she bites.”



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