Oh, Bill’s Gonna Flip When He Sees This!


UPDATE: Please read the following from Breibart Unmasked:

Programming Note: William Ferguson Is Not Crassus 

It has come to my attention through twitter that William Ferguson @sub_aetha on twitter is being accused in some right wing lunatic verse that he is or was somehow Crassus on this website. This is 100 percent false. William Ferguson wrote one or two articles for BU long ago as himself, William Ferguson. He has not ever been Crassus, and he will never be Crassus. That is an official statement from BU.

Right wingers in the loony bin should be aware that just because they think something is true, does not then make it true. From what I understand someone we refer to as “the piglet” (pictured below sucking on his baby bottle), is upset because someone didn’t feed him at the appointed time. Well, officially, we can’t be held to account for troll feeding times and so forth, and it’s because we have much better things to do than suckle this small inconsequential piglet and minor right wing troll. Thank you for your kind attention to this matter, and we hope that this statement clears up this important matter.

The Dave Alexander & Company lawyers asked us to stop short of apologizing.  In fact one of the lawyers said something along the lines of, “F the F-ers.”  In the interest of fairness we ask all to consider if William Ferguson is Marcus Crassius.  

It is clear that John Hoge is suing William Ferguson for writing certain things which were not true.  Of course, if he didn’t write the words, that’s a nifty defense, and I expect an interesting exchange of documents during discovery. — Dave

The original post:

William Ferguson has burst forth as the intellectual strength of Team Kimberlin.   He’s sort of Spock to Kimberlin’s Kirk.  Or Archie to Schmalfeldt’s Jughead.

His tweets regarding the current case Hoge v. Kimberlin predicted a quick end yesterday, but the case continues.  This Tweet caught my eye:


Ferguson is the writer says he only wrote a few articles  of  at Breitbart Unmasked, and Bill Schmalfeldt was once the editor of the same online blog.  They are both parties to the lawsuit, as John Hoge argues that their writings and activities were a part of a conspiracy.  Ferguson is greatly exposed to liability in my humble opinion, for writing articles about an event he did not attend.  He seemingly relied on the description of the event provided by Brett Kimberlin.


From Kimberlin Unmasked

Protip: Convicted felons, perjurers and guys who fart around with postal service documents in lawsuits are not great sources.  It is not strictly true that you shouldn’t interview them and quote them.  Just don’t trust them.

Ferguson figures that John Hoge misrepresented the hearing in question in the lawsuit, and Ferguson says he has the audio to prove it.  Months after the Breitbart Unmasked article was published on the net and weeks after he is sued for alleged inaccuracies so obvious that the phrase “reckless disregard for the truth” seems accurate, Ferguson nails down his story.

I hate to educate anyone I’ve never met about strategy, but perhaps discovering your opponent’s weakest argument, then sharing it on Twitter isn’t the greatest chess move ever.

Secondarily, comparing John Hoge to your fellow defendant Bill Schmalfeldt using the word “dumbfuckery” isn’t the best idea.

Both Bill Schmalfeldt and William Ferguson have direct knowledge as to the true organizational plan behind Breitbart Unmasked.  Does Brett Kimberlin pay for it?  Does Justice Through Music, Brett’s non-profit/slush fund pay the bills?  [Pun intended.]


Is that another Navy joke?

Bill Schmalfeldt always talks about somebody “flipping” on Krendler.  That is, someone telling about the inner workings of Team Free Speech, in return for a “pass” on a lawsuit. Has no one thought that the door swings both ways?

UPDATE: I have changed a few words to state Ferguson’s claim to have only written a few articles at BU.  5/18/16 9:11 am

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37 Responses to Oh, Bill’s Gonna Flip When He Sees This!

  1. Up for a spot of libel today, Dave?

    1. I am not THE writer for BU.

    2. Why should I rely on either Kimberlin or Hoge for an account of what happened in court that day when I have an impartial audio recording of the whole thing sitting in front of me?

    3. The audio PROVES beyond any doubt that Hoge has no case. The events reported in the Update are corroborated by the audio recording.

    I’m going to have to ask for a correction/retraction from you on this.


    • My contention is that shortly after the event, an article which John Hoge considers to be wrong WAS published. It’s good that you have now in your hands a copy of the recording. If the UPDATE and the audio match in important ways, I’m sure the court will agree.

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      • They do match in important ways, Dave – that’s the whole point.

        The Update says Judge Williams seriously called Hoge’s credibility into question.

        The audio confirms that actually happened.

        The Update says Hoge couldn’t recall what he did or didn’t do.

        The audio confirms that actually happened, too.

        It doesn’t matter that Hoge went home and suddenly remembered the sequence of events and is now claiming falsity. The facts, as reported in the update, are that while he was in court he couldn’t offer any plausible deniability and that the judge hammered Ostronic really hard on the issue of his client’s credibility.

        Perhaps if you and your lawyers had actually gone over to BU, read the update and then listened to the audio you’d reach the same conclusion.


      • MJ says:


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  2. By the way, Dave – since I have you here, I have a question:

    Could you explain to me how Hoge suddenly has subpoena power when his complaint hasn’t even gotten to the discovery phase yet or has been granted early discovery?

    Asking for a friend.


  3. Oh yeah, one more thing (almost missed this):

    Kimberlin doesn’t fund BU (as far as I know) nor does he pay me.


    • Excellent, I have an idea that that particular issue might be raised in discovery as well. So, BU isn’t on servers which also host Justice Through Music sites? I mean, if they were, it would be interesting. Just wondering. If you say Brett Kimberlin has no financial or “in kind” involvement in BU, that’s good.


      • Dave,

        The Mockery Continues is also hosted on the same servers as Hogewash and this blog.

        I invite you to draw your own conclusions.


      • About Kimberlin’s financial involvement…I honestly don’t know.

        I have never met him, never emailed him, never spoke to him either in person or on the phone, certainly don’t take orders from him nor does the guy sign my paychecks.


      • The conclusion I’m drawing is that Fergie here thinks that “specious” is a synonym for “super-convincing.”

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      • So none of those 99 plants you grew in 2010 wound up being shipped to Maryland?

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      • I wasn’t living there in 2010, Victor, nor was it my grow.

        Besides, growing up to 99 plants is legal in the state of California provided you have script for it.

        You got a problem with that?


      • So you had the scripts to cover it?

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      • The people I rented the house on the property from had (and still have) all the necessary paperwork.

        Everything about that grow and subsequent grows was completely legal under the laws of the state of California.

        I never involved myself in that aspect of their lives. Just paid rent, went to my job, wrote music, blogged, etc.

        That was my landlord and her husband.

        Besides, Victor, it’s called “free enterprise”. They found a calling and profited handsomely from it.

        I thought that’s what you conservatives were all about.


      • You all make such a big deal about the fact that there’s marijuana growing on the property where I lived.

        Here in California, especially out in the country, that’s pretty much the norm around here and I assure you a vast majority of the folks in Live Oak have some kind of grow operation going on.

        As long as you have the scripts, as long as it conforms to state laws and local ordinances, as long you pretty much stay in your lane it’s not a big deal.

        In fact, it’s probably the dullest subject in the world to discuss.

        Marijuana cultivation is about as exciting and glamorous as watching paint dry – and about as interesting.


      • We only take note of the crops in the field in your vicinity because one of the things Kimberlin went to prison for was massive illegal distribution of the same plant. So it’s funny to find another connection between you and this guy you’ve never met, don’t work for, etc., yet strenuously defend, and allegedly commit defamation on his behalf.

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      • Fair enough, but understand that marijuana cultivation for medical use is legal in the state of California.


  4. Jeesuz, we’re all a part of a cabal. Nice to know.

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  5. agiledog says:

    Ferguson is talking about a “news outlet” that ran a story about my harassment prevention hearing against Bill Schmalfeldt, and speculated that things were said about Brett Kimberlin, without being there, talking to anyone who was there, or obtaining a copy of the proceeding. That is plain journalism malfeasance.

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    • And remarkably I’m not being sued for that, Scott.


      • I didn’t write the article concerning you, Scott.

        But hey, this is the USA – you can sue over any goddamn thing you want.


      • agiledog says:

        Mr. Ferguson, we have never met, nor to my recollection, have we exchanged any forms of communication before now. It is both presumptuous and rude of you to assume the familiarity indicated by using my first name, and first name only, to address me in our initial exchange. Or are you completely lacking in manners? Boorish or rude behavior is indicative of a lack of education in other areas as well.

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      • Scott, having seen some of the things you have said about me on Hogewash I would be very careful who you call boorish and/or rude.

        We’ve never met nor have we exchanged any communication before now.


    • agiledog says:

      And I find it amusing that Ferguson’s defense of his/their website’s malfeasance is “I’m not being sued over it.” No denial. No claim of mistake. No apology. They were wrong; he knows it, and he is proud of it.

      They are not actual journalists, they are propagandists for Brett Kimberlin, and unashamed of it.

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  6. Minemyown says:

    I will give Ferguson the same advice I gave to BS, go and talk to an attorney.

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  7. BusPassOffice says:

    Its amazing how much law they don’t know


    • BusPassOffice says:

      like I am totally shocked that someone knew EXACTLY hoew many plants his landlords had and that they had and still have all the paper work. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if:

      1. that 99% of the 99 plant growers in California had more than 99 plants
      2. That 99% of the 99 plant growers didn’t have 99 plants worth of scripts

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  8. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Did anyone ever say that Ferguson was Crassus? I don’t recall ever seen g that. Only the allegation that he wrote things that were defamatory. I guess I could understand Osborne’s confusion since he often writes defamatory things as well.

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  9. Pablo says:

    That Bunny Boy Unread statement will look so much better under penalty of perjury.

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