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Green Up Time in the Mountains

Carolina Vann shares his spectacular photographs of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This picture from Rutherford County makes me want to drive somewhere this weekend: Green up is the time when trees and vegetation starts to turn green.

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I Have the Right

One of the hallmarks of left wing nattering is the creation of rights where none exist. We often hear protesters indicate that they have a “right” to be heard.  In many cases, they figure that’s the “right to interrupt” which … Continue reading

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25% Proficient in Math? That’s Almost Half!

According to the Nation’s Report Card, most of our 12th grade students lack proficiency in the major academic areas.  I think that’s a decline from 2015, but I’m never sure about percentages.  Smaller numbers are worse, right?  We want more … Continue reading

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Holy Moley…

…the Dev Team updated Nethack.

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Does Anybody Really Know…

John Hoge has raised the question of whether Bill Schmalfeldt is lying when he says he did NOT check in with John’s Hogewash blog the other night.   Somebody who John thinks is Bill was there April 26, at 01:39 … Continue reading

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The Sentence for Covering Up Such a Crime? Depends Who You Are.

Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, April 26, 2016 Malian National Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for Conspiracy to Murder U.S. Diplomat Alhassane Ould Mohamed, aka Cheibani, 46, a citizen of Mali, was sentenced … Continue reading

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Free Speech? Use It While You’ve Got It

I’m not even commenting except to say that Turkey and Poland do not surprise me.  The Third World has always been run by thugs and jerks.  It’s saddest when so-called modern democracies fail to allow free press to operate – … Continue reading

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The Public Domain Billy Sez Collection – A Retrospective

As pretty much everyone knows, there’s close to 500 Billy Sez poster images that are in the public domain. While Bill was able to get a number of them wrongfully removed from my ImageShack account several months ago, the originals … Continue reading

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Good Luck Finding Me – Perceptions Matter

According to something which came up in the Hoge v. Kimberlin suit, Brett Kimberlin is not actually living in his mother’s cellar.  (Link to Hogewash!) So we can no longer refer to him as a cellar-dwelling tweener-lusting serial bomber who sues … Continue reading

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Reinventing Bill Schmalfeldt

While we wait for Mr. Schmalfeldt’s latest federal lawsuit to be dismissed [linkie], let’s take a brief look at his ongoing (and equally pathetic) effort to gain control of the narrative through misrepresentation and outright lies. Bill said this three … Continue reading

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