My Face Has Been Added to a Religious Painting Why?

I have no earthly idea.

According to John Hoge, this was posted on Twitter:


The two faces are myself (Dave Alexander) and David Edgren, the attorney who so clearly kicked Bill Schmalfeldt’s ass in court.  He writes commentary here and is my co-blogger.

I wondered if there was any logical reason that Bill would say we’re beating a dead horse.  I checked over our blog posts, but find a variety of subjects: Free speech, culture war and even cartoons.  I wandered to Bill’s web site but saw only this:


If you have some time look to the right side of this blog post, click on April 2016 archives and you’ll see a great mix of topics. Bill’s writings are more repetitive.

One thing I always like if a free flow of information.  This is the only web sites covering the legal and emotional failures of Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt which welcomes comments by all.  Families are off limits, but Bill is always welcome to comment.  He has said in comments here that he does not mind truthful things written about him.

Are untruthful things being said about me elsewhere?  Beats me.  Can’t see it.  Not interested in looking really.

And many thanks to John Hoge for continuing to guide people here.  The list of folks who have thrown me a link is here:


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3 Responses to My Face Has Been Added to a Religious Painting Why?

  1. Simo Häyhä says:

    Because you hit a nerve with the truth. And he just had to lash out like a child. So predictable, you can use it as a barometer.

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