When You Ignore…

Bill Schmalfeldt has been advised to stay away from certain blogs.  One blog insists on reviewing his online writings, and locating copyright issues.  Another baits him, catches him and fillets him.  A third notices every time he stops by, then mentions it to the readers.

One of the biggest problems is he sometimes gets things totally backward:


The quote underneath the Tweet is from Paul Kendler’s fine yet tough blog “Thinking Man’s Zombie.”  Apparently Bill saw that on his computer recently.

Now, I don’t think Paul has any pictures of any women at a cub scout jamboree, hardcore or not.  I do know that Bill has interpreted the comment exactly the wrong way.

This is not what you see if you ignore PGPK (Bill’s name for Krendler.)

This is what you see when you don’t ignore Krendler.  To see this image, he had to go to a specific web sight.  

Please, if Paul Krendler, Dave Alexander, John Hoge or Sarah Palmer’s writing upsets you, please ignore them.

This is what I see when I ignore them all, and just relax:

Carolina pines.  Feet up.  Beer in my hand.  Birds chirping.

OK. This is a screensaver picture, and I usually have to look over at the neighbor’s house, but still.  Relaxing outside away from computers is something we all can do.  Refill the bird feeder.  Bring a slingshot and marbles if the squirrels come back.  Nasty vermin.


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18 Responses to When You Ignore…

  1. MJ says:

    No, see.. you don’t understand. When you are busy making sure other people aren’t stalking you, you have to watch, monitor, track and catalog their EVERY MOVE! It’s totally rent free.. or something..

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  2. I admit that people are watching him. Some for laughs, some because they are being sued, and one guy I know is suing Bill.


  3. JeffM says:

    About squirrels. There was an article in the WSJ years ago about the bird seed and bird feeder industries. A big part if it was about squirrel prevention or at least deterrence. Someone was making birdseed laced with tons of capsaicins because birds do not react to it whereas mammals do. So some squirrel expert (how do you become such an expert) opined that it would not work because the squirrels would just find a source for bottles of Dos Equis.

    I now have a feeder that truly does defeat squirrels, but it intrigues the raccoons.


    • Former Commenter says:

      We’ve squirrel-proofed our pole-feeders with slinkys. The initial encounters were quite amusing, and interestingly, the squirrels don’t even give those feeders a glance anymore.

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      • JeffM says:



      • Dr_Mike says:

        My Father-in-law deliberately places his where the squirrels can just barely get to it. Run up this tree, run along this branch, then JUMP!!!! and he’ll give them a week or two of free food to train them.

        Then he moves it three feet further from the branch.

        And gets a week of it raining squirrels.

        When the rain dries up, he moves it again.

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  4. I have a .22 rifle with an 18 inch barrel the will feed “cb caps”, .22 cartridges with only priming compound for propellent. CCI makes them.

    All your hear when the trigger is pulled is the quiet “tink!” of the firing ping falling, and the mild “slap!” of the lead projectile as it penetrates the squirrel’s brainpan. Quieter than a silencer, of which I have several, with regular .22 LR cartridges. Quieter, in fact, than an air rifle.

    As my breakfast nook is open to the outside, in full view of the bird feeder, and I have no neighbors behind me, or to either side, this often provides amusement at meals.

    And sufficient meat for squirrel tamales, once a month.

    The squirrels never learn, but blue jays stay away for *years* after one of their number is sniped.


  5. wjjhoge says:

    I have an old High Standard Sport King pistol chambered in .22 Short that cycles properly with CB caps. The also work nicely in Mrs. Hoge’s Henry Golden Boy lever action rifle (which hold 21 of ’em).

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