Printing Milk Cartons Now

Brett Kimberlin is evading service of a court document in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. 

It is entirely possible that he has not been living in his mother’s basement at all, but has some other residence.  It might also be true that he’s run away from home, or abducted.

While some folks are looking for him purely to serve him papers, please don’t forget that the little feller might have been taken.  If you know where Brett Kimberlin is, or if you happen to see him, please call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Dept. at 240-777-7000.

That’s the division related to serving civil notices, like the one Brett has apparently ducked — while telling them “Good luck finding me!”

We tried to find a current picture on the Justice Through Bad Music website, but a search for “Kimberlin” at the sight turned up three articles and no pictures.  So, he’s missing from his own non-profit’s website.

Parolee Missing, Presumed Cowardly

Google image search wasn’t much help, since it’s actually hard to find a picture of him that isn’t photoshopped.  I actually found a picture of myself in the search.  Also the Olsen Twins.  Hmm.

This is the most recent picture I found.  He raising the “Peace Sign” a gesture which, along with Kimberlin, lost all relevance decades ago.

Keep an eye out, at the mall, junior high dances, youth swim meets and wherever young people congregate.


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9 Responses to Printing Milk Cartons Now

  1. I always figured Brett Coleman Kimberlin would disappear…one way or another. Clearly, his mother knows how to contact him.

    Anyone filed a missing persons report?

    Also, it speaks to the validity of Professor Hoge’s lawsuit…

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  2. Simo Häyhä says:

    Belatedly, team Kimberlin members are coming to the dawning realization that they are pawns. Expendable. And left holding the bag while the boss disappears like Houdini.

    Except maybe one.

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  3. BadgerBob says:

    *waiting* for Bill to write a blog post informing his co-defendant to man up because Bill believes in American jurisprudence and understands evading service isn’t the way good citizens with a respect for the rule of law should behave.

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  4. Some1 says:

    “He raising the “Peace Sign” a gesture which, along with Kimberlin, lost all relevance decades ago.”

    That’s not a peace sign. He was answering the question, “How many feet tall are you?”

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