Tales From The Safe Space, Part 24 – Finally, The Academy Strikes Back

Samuel Hooper has been covering the on-campus shutuppery. It appears that the professors are starting to notice that their academic freedoms are being taken away.

Semi-Partisan Politics

Academic Freedom In An Age Of Conformity - Joanna Williams

When will professors and university administrators realise that they must work together with colleagues and rivals to stand a chance of withstanding and rolling back the current unprecedented threats to academic freedom?

Lest we begin to think it is all doom and gloom, it should be pointed out that some voices within the academy are pushing back on the demands of censorious students and the self-censoring impulse among university faculty to avoid giving offence or courting controversy.

Already in this series we have looked at the inspiring example of Dr. Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, whose resistance of “ideological fascism” puts many of his Ivy League peers to shame.

And now, winging its way to an Amazon locker near me is a copy of “Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity” by Joanna Williams, a book which promises to get into detail as to the…

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