I’ve changed my mind…

…about the whole ad hominem thing.  You might recall that I was urging everyone to back off on the “out of court” stuff?  Well, something, or rather someone, changed my mind.


Yep, you guessed it.  Bill Schmalfeldt.

A number of you are aware that, over a decade ago, my wife and I adopted two extraordinarily mentally and emotionally challenged boys- brothers.  We have had the privilege of raising them over the years- one to adulthood and the other almost there.  I won’t glamorize the experience.  It has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and the tangible rewards have been very few and far between.  Think “Rain Man” times two absent Tom Cruise and with no Hollywood ending.  Neither boy will ever live independently as an adult.  Neither can read or do math at any functional level.  Neither will ever drive a car, date without a chaperone, or work in anything other than the most menial job.

About a year ago Bill Schmalfeldt posted a picture of one of them on his blog du jour along with some text where he indicated that I had abused my son along with other scurrilous and completely false things.  In July, 2015, he doubled down on stupid by reposting the same things along with new content.  Bill Schmalfedlt has done a lot of foolish and awful things but, as far as I am concerned, he can sink no lower than these instances.  I was beyond furious, and came within a hairsbreadth of hiring an attorney to represent my son and pursue what we would call in the law “solid gold” claims.  I am convinced today that this state of affairs had a great deal to do with the abrupt end of last year’s LOLsuit (not everything- Bill did not help himself with the “information” he filed in support of his in forma pauperis application to the court- he got called on that, and was headed for, in my opinion, a very hard time with an enraged federal judge when he suddenly dismissed his case with prejudice and fled Maryland for Wisconsin).  Suffice it to say that I have made it clear to him the consequences that will ensue if he ever screws with my family again.

So last night during an one of my due diligence trips into the sewer that is Bill Schmalfeldt’s depraved mind I read the following.

slow 800px

Don’t you get it, Mr. Schmalfeldt?  Don’t you understand that there are just some places you shouldn’t go?  Don’t you understand why a grown man of even the most ordinary intelligence should never, ever make fun of disabled children?  Does it make you feel good, you son of a bitch, to use your bullying language to denigrate and demean the weakest among us?  You are a coward, Bill Schmalfeldt.  A degenerate.  A pathetic whining loser.

I have more to say, but Bill Schmalfeldt, as I said last night, just makes me want to vomit.


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8 Responses to I’ve changed my mind…

  1. gmhowell says:

    Maybe the second worst thing will happen to him. The worst is self awareness. He won’t achieve that until after he has less life in him than a zombie.

    No, I think he’ll get number two(hehe, no pun intended) far sooner: he will become as disabled and feeble as he pretends he is.

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  2. Paul Krendler says:

    What’s astounding to me is that potential day when some detective will track down his next of kin and ask, “Did your father/uncle/brother have any enemies?”

    And they just laugh and laugh and laugh.

    And say, “Making enemies was his calling, detective. If you catch whoever did this, will you promise to do one thing? Tell them I said ‘Thank you.'”

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  3. I actually teach Developmentally Disabled children. None of them are this difficult to educate.

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  4. Ashterah says:

    But of course, David. This is what he does. It is what he always does. It is why he thinks it is perfectly acceptable to throw about that he believes that my grandson is brain damaged. He thinks that it should be A OK with everybody that he says these sorts of things that demean your boys and my boy that most rational human beings would never even have cross their mind. Because he is just that special. The rest of society’s rules don’t apply to him, now do they? Well, at least in HIS mind.

    And he wonders why people get so pissed off at him and dare to actually fight back against him and the awful things that he does. Hmmmmm.

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  5. Gus Bailey says:

    Oh, my; I think David is verging on going “Full Jules”:

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    • Gus Bailey says:

      p.s. that is not a death threat; that is the righteous fury of a good man. It should be an “Oh shit” moment for the recipient of that speech. I fear it falls on sealed ears.

      Lord Christ, just as you healed the deaf man in the Decapolis with a word; Ephphatha, I pray that you open the eyes and ears of your child William that he may see his sins against you and his fellow man, repent and return to you. In Your Name I pray.

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