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The future of public transportation…

…in 1962.

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A Note About Bill Schmalfeldt, to the Milwaukee District Attorney

I posted this last summer, and I’m reproducing it here with minor edits.  Not because it was so gosh-darn brilliant but because new actors are coming into this drama. Apparently Bill Schmalfeldt has decided in some way to try to … Continue reading

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Every Single One of Y’all Are Off The Hook

For now.  But, by God mark my words, as soon as I find you I’m going to sue you until you beg for mercy! — Bill Schmalfeldt’s Ego   UPDATE: Bill Schmalfelt, please contact the Post Office. A mail carrier … Continue reading

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Oh Great! Now the CIA is at War With the Regular Army!

PJ Media:  Fighting Intensifies Between CIA-Backed Militias and Pentagon-Backed Syrian Rebels Clashes between militias trained by the CIA and the Pentagon are intensifying as bitter fighting has broken out near Aleppo and the Turkish border. Chicago Tribune: The fighting has … Continue reading

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New Shimmer is a floor wax! – Part II

Part I of this post is here.   So I’ve said that I think both Bill Schmalfeldt and Eric Johnson are right about what is essentially the same thing.  Let’s take a look at that. We’ll start with pornography.  Here’s … Continue reading

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New shimmer is a floor wax!

If you are easily offended by the sight of lawyers looking on all sides of a question, stop here. Yesterday, in a post on a thread over at Hogewash, I said the following, intending to address the applicability of the … Continue reading

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Next time, read the law carefully…

…before you make defamatory accusations. Since Mr. Schmalfeldt does not appear to know how to read a statute, I’ve inserted some helpful “ORs.” Mr. Schmalfeldt has on several occasions has used “a computer to…describe a minor engaging in an obscene … Continue reading

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And the Countdown Continues…

Saturday Night Update: Bill has been going on about a dentist, and has returned to threaten Paul Krendler in a most poetic way: I would like to take this opportunity to ask those who have ever studied debate or linguistics: … Continue reading

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Englishman Arrested After Posting Anti-Muslim Views On Twitter

Are Muslims being arrested for ‘anti-English’ speech? JONATHAN TURLEY Police have arrested a British man, Matthew Doyle, for “suspicion of inciting racial hatred on social media.” Doyle was arrested after posting tweets in the aftermath of the Brussels attacks. He … Continue reading

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