A Very Good Question

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8 Responses to A Very Good Question

  1. D. Edgren says:

    A “perched” water table. They’re not all that uncommon.


  2. The water storage tank is up there, to pressurize the water system, of course.

    Very common in hilly areas.

    As for why they want to go up there, rather than getting the water from a tap here, well, such areas tend to be more “private”, if you get my drift…

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    • I’m simply assuming that in the absence of ground penetrating radar, the hydrologists would assume the best place to drill for water would be at the bottom of the hill. Well drillers probably charge by the foot, and it’s logistically more convenient. (Assuming a steep hill, of course. As indicated by Jack’s unfortunate fall.) And a hand-dug well, well that’s obviously easier.

      No, I don’t think this is a pressurized water system, since they were fetching a pail of water.


  3. Avenger Watcher says:

    If you’re getting water from a stream, you want to go to the mouth…

    Less “stuff”in the water add it goes downhill and animals drink/live/leave stuff.


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