A Note About Bill Schmalfeldt, to the Milwaukee District Attorney

I posted this last summer, and I’m reproducing it here with minor edits.  Not because it was so gosh-darn brilliant but because new actors are coming into this drama. Apparently Bill Schmalfeldt has decided in some way to try to enforce Illinois Law in Wisconsin, against a guy he either knows is Paul Krendler or who might be Paul Krendler.  John Hoge explains here.


Bill has multiple Peace Orders/Restraining Orders or No Contact Orders. Each state calls the things something different.  Here is the header to one of his latest.



If you are visiting this site because you work for the Milwaukee District Attorney’s Office, and you are researching Bill Schmalfeldt, first of all, we’re sorry.  We’ve been keeping an eye on him, but sometimes he crawls out the window.  (Just kidding.)  

In this blog post from a few months back, I quote Bill Schmalfeldt stating that he will lie online — even to the point of spending many hours telling lies about Sarah Palmer.  (Yes, she’s the one who got the No-Contact Order for Stalking or Nonconsensual Sexual Contact Order excerpted above.)  I believe Bill is just as motivated now, since his civil lawsuit is going nowhere, and he’s just been informed that he is being sued.  It’s been very messy. Again, sorry to bring you into this.


Bill Schmalfeldt Will Bring Fire From the Heavens, Or Make a Website Full of Lies About You

Bill Schmalfeldt has decided on a course of action which will bring hYjbxkris online critics to their knees.  They will beg for mercy.

Bill Schmalfeldt, From BillySez:

You don’t scare me either, and I will be more than happy to devote as much website time to you — on a brand new website — as you are devoting to me. So ask yourself, how much does Bill know, and how long will you deny it if I choose to make up stuff about you like you and your clowns have made up about me? 

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let me offer this quote by the defendant Bill Schmalfeldt to demonstrate his commitment to honesty and integrity.  In it he promises to make things up about people who he dislikes.  He is pretty specific about planning to create fictitious stories about his enemies, and publishing them on the internet.

This man who has been emotionally scarred by words on the internet has decided that his most potent weapons are lies.  No matter how hard he cried in this court.  No matter what tales of woe he spun from the witness box, remember: He is out for revenge, and he has already said that he can’t be trusted.”



Billy Sez And I will do whatever I can 614x900

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4 Responses to A Note About Bill Schmalfeldt, to the Milwaukee District Attorney

  1. Neal N. Bob says:

    “If at first you don’t succeed, keep doing the same thing over and over again. It’ll work out eventually.”

    In the last eight years, the Yokohama Casanova must have threatened people with jail at least a hundred times. To the best of my knowledge, not one criminal charge has resulted from it, but he has been awarded restraining orders in multiple states. I’m sure this time is going to be different, though. #drunk #crazy #stupid

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  2. one handle and stick to it says:

    Any chance we could see the headers to the other EIGHT restraining orders against Bill Schmalfeldt? Asking for…a friend. 😉


  3. I actually don’t have them. Sorry. Ash has the full set.


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