You know we can hear you….

When I consult with my attorney, I’m always careful to find a nice, private place.  Like his office, or the visiting area of the county jail.  h/t rustyrayles for the link.


I’m not qualified to answer the question, but the Yale educated lawyer for the individuals being sued knows about this, his paralegal who is also a retired lawyer has probably read it by now, and the paralegal who doubles as a Quantum Mechanic has read it.  The two people who are being sued know about it, and the billions of people on the internet can read this if they care.  I’m sure somewhere along the line you’ll get your answer.


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7 Responses to You know we can hear you….

  1. But he’ll continue to make the same mistake. Over and over again.

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  2. Avenger Watcher says:
    ( )

    I’m sure they didn’t discuss any of that at Yale Law. Or somebody was out that day.


  3. Pablo says:

    So you could potentially file an amended complaint alleging that the torts were committed in Tennessee,

    Uh oh. This attorney is provably missing some pertinent information! That amended complaint thing is kinda comlicated because DUMFUCK had to DUMBFUCK.

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  4. Dr_Mike says:

    I hope everybody’s LULZ are in shape in case Bill’s new droppings hit PACER today.


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