Baffled and Befuddled, Attorneys at Law

John Hoge has published the latest pro se legal documents in the Bill Schmalfeldt vs. Sarah Palmer and Eric Johnson debacle.  Gotta take a deep, deep breath here.

One of the documents is a response to an Opposition to the document requesting that the court kick Aaron Walker off the case.  Due to the difficulty I had with the LSAT, I’m not a lawyer, but here’s my view: Bill files a paper to kick Aaron off the case.  Aaron files an Opposition.  Now, Bill files the document here.

So, the court has to decide if Aaron can serve as Eric and Sarah’s attorney.  Writes Bill:


Another deep breath.

Bill is the one who brought up the idea of disqualifying Aaron, and it is Bill that started the paperwork blizzard.  Hell, Bill filed the dog of a lawsuit.

The very simple issue before the court is in fact: Does Aaron Walker qualify as an attorney to represent the interests of Sarah and Eric?   

May I simply suggest that the non-lawyers refrain from advertising their bafflement and befuddlement at the blizzard of motions and briefs which is flooding the court?  If paperwork is so hard for the Team Kimberlin/Acme Law Team, maybe they should take up another hobby.


The documents reinforce the notion that Bill Schmalfeldt believes that serial bomber Brett Kimberlin is not directly responsible for the suicide of Carl Delong.  I wrote about this before.  The Indiana Supreme Court disagreed.

If you know nothing about Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt I hope you know this.  The death of Carl Delong is on Brett Kimberlin.  Any attempt to mitigate Kimberlin’s responsibility is gutless and obscene.


(Filed from home.  Feet up.  Lots of pain meds.  Otherwise I’d write more.  Spineless cowards.)


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18 Responses to Baffled and Befuddled, Attorneys at Law

  1. Simo Häyhä says:

    Relax, Dave. Bill’s totally got this. He just has to hop from the train to the DeLorean before derailing.

    Be well. Christ, did I just Schmalfeldt you? I meant get well.

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  2. LLC says:

    “How dare Aaron Walker create paperwork by filing oppositions to my motions! He should have let his clients default. That would have been the easiest thing for everyone!”

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  3. Tomblvd says:

    Dear Lord, this is a trainwreck. I’ve never seen anything like it.

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  4. fred4d says:

    It also looks like Bill used a 10 point font for his reply. I have not gone back to check the earlier paperwork. The Eastern Federal Court of Wisconsin clearly states in the court rules that for proportional fonts a 12 point shall be used, double spaced except for quotes and footnotes. Why is this important, two reasons: first, it is much easier for older judges to read the larger font, I am not a judge but am older and find Bill’s recent filling difficult to read, and B; it allows a person to fit more information into a brief. If A uses 12 point font and 15 pages then B can fit more information into the same 15 pages if they use 10 point type. Appeals courts often require even larger fonts such as 13 point. I think if this is brought up at the most the judge will tell Bill to follow the rules in the future but fillings have been disallowed for using the wrong font size.

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    • Rules are for the other guys. Bill is riding a white stallion into battle. Don’t pester him with rules about font.

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    • one handle and stick to it says:

      Bill Schmalfeldt: never NOT exposing himself as a moron.


    • MJ says:

      Bill has a higher legal acumen than a Yale educated lawyer like Aaron Walker. Don’t believe me? Go ask him.

      According to Bill, the court will not deal with these petty issues. Instead, the Court will read with amazement how he expertly weaves well cited case law and legal theory in support of his magnanimous gesture to help the defendants find better counsel. After all, the current counsel has YET to defend against the searing and damning claims filed in the original.. wait.. (not yet accepted) amended complaint.


      Right Bill? People SHOULD take you seriously..

      I mean..really…seriously…

      *tries to hold back laughter and can’t..

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    • Gus Bailey says:

      I believe it has been pointed out in other filings by the Defendants by and through Mr. Walker.


  5. BusPassOffice says:

    In a hypothetical situation, I can only imagine what success, a scummy, sleazy, filth ridden plaintiff is going to have – trying to get a large corporation – who is hired by a faith based organization to screen vendors, applicants and employees, – for that corporation to give them an affidavit to help the sleazy filth ridden plaintiff in a clearly vexatious attempt to sue critics of their sleazy filth ridden attempts to use faith based properties to produce and broadcast sleazy filth ridden material in the first place. I’m sure the faith based organization that pays millions for a large corporation to stop such sleazy, filth ridden scum from soiling their good name, is going to understand their cooperation in doing exactly what they didn’t want.


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