Brett Kimberlin is Still a Liar

John Hoge reports that Brett Kimberlin has written a letter of support for Bill Schmalfeldt, in his attempt to get Aaron Walker kicked off Bill’s latest case.

It includes this gem:


Aaron Walker dealt with this before here.

I know I’ve posted on this before.  Aaron Walker has video of the “incident.”  The video is shot in one frame per two seconds, so it doesn’t show everything but a judge has already ruled that an assault did not occur.

My dad would hate to have raised a kid who would go to an emergency room just to lie about an assault.  Worse yet, spend years telling people he went to the hospital for a contusion, back pain and “possible concussion” from an assault that never happened.  Did they diagnose a concussion?  No.  None caused by Aaron Walker.


UPDATE: And what is this crap about informing the judge about Walker’s “real identity?”  Had Aaron been wearing a disguise?

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9 Responses to Brett Kimberlin is Still a Liar

  1. Simo Häyhä says:

    Is Kimberlin still on that? Jesus. The surveillance footage hoisted him by his own petard.

    “Oh. Ummm… Their leader, Krendler, instructed Hoge to operate the air loom so Walker could attack me inside an invisible temporal bubble.”

    That’s rich, coming from someone convicted of perjury. Who is the better idiot savant in court? Brett “Brass Knuckles Reputation Management” Kimberlin or Bill “Shutuppery” Schmalfeldt?

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  2. More importantly, he was not “admitted to the Emergency Room.” One visits the Emergency Room and, if necessary, is admitted to the hospital. No one is ever admitted to an Emergency Room.


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  3. Paul Krendler says:

    Which is more damning?

    Bill “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt?
    Brett “Went to the ER with a fake bruise and got laughed at by the nurses” Kimberlin?

    I gotta flip a coin on this…

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