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I Got This

Hold my beer, I got this. I appreciate Bill Schmalfeldt’s candor and willingness to open up about his relationship with Brett Kimberlin.  Kimberlin, as we recall is a convicted bomber and serial litigant whose lawsuits have been aimed at those … Continue reading

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Because They are Wussies, That’s Why

From Lidblog and Nicholas Wishek: How Come Liberals Are The Only Ones Who Are Ever Offended? Liberal/progressives are quick to take offense when anyone disagrees with them, but are not concerned with the feelings of those they disagree with. Recently … Continue reading

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Awww, he doesn’t have to wait…

…until never, which is when Mr. Schmalfeldt’s current lawsuit against Sarah Palmer and Eric Johnson will go to trial. and I’ll help my friend out right now. This one came from here. But, oh gee.  It isn’t really Sarah Palmer’s … Continue reading

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The Left Used to Stand for “Human Rights”

The American left used to care about human rights.  I remember a lot of talk in the 1970’s from the left about the lack of freedoms in the Soviet Union.  Of course, the left claims ownership of all civil rights … Continue reading

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Twitter and Lawsuits

Based upon the banning of Stacy McCain, I wouldn’t touch Twitter with a ten foot mouse. I’ve heard it can be an effective way to promote a blog, but to me it seems like another platform to maintain, and I don’t … Continue reading

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Today’s bill-ku

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This Is the Artisan Craft Blog

Excellent cartoons by Paul White.  

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