Twitter and Lawsuits

Based upon the banning of Stacy McCain, I wouldn’t touch Twitter with a ten foot mouse. I’ve heard it can be an effective way to promote a blog, but to me it seems like another platform to maintain, and I don’t have the time.

You know who apparently does have the time?  Bill Schmalfeldt.  From last night:


Bill of course  is suing two people by name, and others by nickname.  He hopes to collect the information on every person who has written something offensive about him.  Then he’ll sue them.  Big job.

What I’ve noticed is that on some Twitter accounts, other people respond.  There’s a chance to click “view conversation” and you can see a lively debate or friendly conversation.  I’d hate to have an account where nobody else commented.  Almost like Bill’s all alone in this.  7 billion people in this world, and the only ones interested in his tweets are the 9 or so people who he can’t actually communicate with because of court orders, plus their friends.

The other odd thing is that Bill actually tells his strategy and motivation behind the lawsuit almost every day.  He’s once again telegraphing that what he wants more than ever is the identity of Paul Krendler.

In a game of checkers or chess, the Tweets would advertise every ounce of strategy.  Since lawsuits are more than a game, and the strategy should be more complex, it just seems  foolish to give so much away.

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12 Responses to Twitter and Lawsuits

  1. Neal N. Bob says:

    – As I understand it, William is no longer suing “others by nickname.” For reasons that I won’t go into in public, it appears that option was closed to him through his incompetent amended complaint. There is no basis in fact or law for him to ask for anything related to anyone other than the named defendants. Period.

    Having said that, few things would bring me as much joy as to read a motion that effectively says “Your Honor, never mind that I’ve been issued nine no contact-stalking orders by gullible judges in six states, I’d like you to give me the personal information of potentially thousands of people not named or referenced in my complaint because I’m not done harassing and stalking yet.” Anyone who thinks that seeing something trivial, like the birth of their children, is better than that, they’re wrong.

    – The Diminished Capacity Kid has also amended his lulzsuit in such a way that any query into “Krendler” is irrelevant and will almost certainly be so found by the Court.

    – Oliver Wendell Jones’ understanding of procedure is so dim that he doesn’t understand the duties of the plaintiff and the defendant.

    It is emphatically NOT the duty of the defendants to “prove” anything. Indeed, if anyone will be introducing Twitter conversation threads and blog posts to show “context,” it will be the plaintiff, but only if he wants to do something crazy, like win. Now, if it turns out that he overwrote those accounts and permanently memory-holed those domains in ways that can’t be recovered, he’s left with little more than the ancient common law doctrine of “Oopsie poopsie.”

    Only in WilliamWorld and, i suppose, the 17th century, when you had to prove that you weren’t a witch, do things work otherwise.

    – As a very wise man once said, “DUMBFUCKS gotta DUMBFUCK.”

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  2. Neal N. Bob says:

    Finally, Schmalfeldt’s Twitter feed and blogs are a spectacular gallery of bad faith, unclean hands, procedural delusions and outright fucking lies. I suspect that it’ll come in extraordinarily handy to the defendants.

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