The Left Used to Stand for “Human Rights”

The American left used to care about human rights.  I remember a lot of talk in the 1970’s from the left about the lack of freedoms in the Soviet Union.  Of course, the left claims ownership of all civil rights era progress — regardless of the clear evidence that southern Democrats were against race reforms.

Today the American left seems to have flipped upside down.  Once interested in free speech for all, they now wish to quiet anything they can label as “hate speech.”

The worst of it all is the silence about Sharia.

Simply put, Sharia and Islam enslaves women and girls in the Islamic communities — in the east and west.  This should be a no-brainer for the left.  But too many have taken the wrong side.  Dare to speak against Sharia or Islam, and the standard-bearers of the left will call you a hate group.  This has happened to the Center for Security Policy.

Jim Hanson:

When did standing up for basic human rights become hate speech? The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) can’t seem to tell the difference any more. It was once a premier civil rights organization instrumental in taking down the Ku Klux Klan. Now it attacks those who profess unpopular or politically incorrect opinions. The latest target is the Center for Security Policy (CSP) for our work exposing and opposing Islamist groups. For this they are adding us to their annual list of “hate groups”.


We believe women are equal citizens. They believe women are property whose testimony in court counts less than a man’s.

We believe homosexuals have a right to live without fear. They believe homosexuals should be hung or tossed off rooftops.

We believe young girls are humans with full rights. They believe in female genital mutilation, honor killings and child brides.

In what crazy mixed up world are we the bad guys for making this clear?


I don’t know much about the Center for Security Policy.  Who knows?  Maybe they’re guilty of real, nasty hate.  I can’t find it on their website.  I do know that the Southern Poverty Law Center doesn’t seem very interested in southern poverty.

This blog and its readers are pretty strongly lined up behind the values of free speech — even if it offends.  So here are some things that might be offensive:

  • Women and girls should always have the freedom to be educated. In fact, they have all the rights that men enjoy.
  • Genital mutilation is an abomination, in the Middle East, and elsewhere.
  • Men who rape are guilty of rape, and the victims are guilty of nothing.
  • Child molestation is evil, whether we’re talking about child brides or male sex slaves.
  • Religion needs to be freely chosen.  Any god that demands death to those who reject him, is a poor excuse for a deity.
  • Freedom to dress as you like is an obvious right.  If the only way to prevent men from becoming over-sexed is by dressing your women in tents, then your men are sick.
  • Don’t try to enforce the tenets of your religion on non-believers.
  • Coercive practices should not be imported into a free country.  We practice free speech, the right of free assembly, and a lot of other things which Islam rejects.
  • We have another word for “honor killings.”  Murder.  There’s no honor in killing a family member because they reject your faith.
  • Given a chance to help a child bride, or a woman facing danger because of Islam, many of us would help her escape.  Around here, abusive husbands are lower than dirt.  I know this is not the way of Islam.  Too bad.
  • Homosexuals, lesbians and all sorts of folks with differing beliefs about gender must enjoy all the other civil rights which the rest of us have.
  • Don’t you dare call me racist because I disagree with your religion.  Islam comes in many colors, as does Christianity and Atheism.  A great American once gave me permission to judge on the content of your character, and I’ll go ahead and do just that.
  • These are not statements of hate.
  • Most Americans are not anti-Islam.  Worship how you wish, but remember that in America our secular religion is freedom.  We’ve fought for it before, and likely will again.
  • If you are offended by all this, tell me.  But don’t blow something up.  I’m deeply offended by people who blow things up.

Liberals of a dozen years ago would have agreed with this easily.  Sadly, they have forgotten about human rights.  The right has not.

Maybe next year the Southern Poverty Law Center will get around to Dave Alexander & Company.

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5 Responses to The Left Used to Stand for “Human Rights”

  1. Toastrider says:

    The SPLC has been liberal whores for a while, ever since they started accusing 2nd Amendment advocates as domestic terrorists. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Mike Vanderboegh, but the SPLC consistently smears him as some kind of ‘right wing terrorism broker’. Needless to say, Vanderboegh’s opinion of the SPLC is pretty low.

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  2. BRAVO! I can’t disagree with a single one of your points.

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  3. Gus Bailey says:

    Good luck making next year’s list. With a few obvious exceptions, it’s really a badge of honor.


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