Awww, he doesn’t have to wait…

…until never, which is when Mr. Schmalfeldt’s current lawsuit against Sarah Palmer and Eric Johnson will go to trial.

If this goes to court 800px


hard copy proof 800px

I’ll help my friend out right now.

This one

Billy Sez All you've done is make me 614x900

came from here.

Tweet - All you've done

But, oh gee.  It isn’t really Sarah Palmer’s job to provide Mr. Schmalfeldt with documentary evidence that is under Mr. Schmalfeldt’s control.  He created the tweets, he posted them on his twitter feeds.  If he hadn’t deleted them, or closed the handle associated with the feed, or caused twitter to terminate his account why, he’d have them right at hand, wouldn’t he?  It’s my opinion that it would be burdensome and likely not upheld by the court for Mr. Schmalfeldt to demand that Sarah Palmer produce something that should really be up to him.

can you say 800px

So I won’t be that helpful.  If Mr. Schmalfeldt wants context, he might want to engage in some self-examination.  Just sayin’.

Oh, and as I won’t likely get to more than one of these a day, we’ll be wrapping these up sometime in the summer of 2017.

Billy Sez Poster All Found 160218

As we’ve noted elsewhere, Mr. Schmalfeldt probably ought to be more careful about the things he asks for.

David Edgren

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11 Responses to Awww, he doesn’t have to wait…

  1. The context is a lifetime of losing his temper and saying odd things.

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  2. Paul Krendler says:

    Wait…is that an ENTIRELY NEW SET of collected BillySez posters I see?


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    • MJ says:

      Two can play this game:

      Judge: “Mr. Schmalfeldt, are these tweets from you?”
      Bill: “Yes your honor, but see, here’s the thing. These don’t include what I really said.”
      Judge: “So you’re saying you made these tweets but they didn’t include the entire tweet?”
      Bill: “Yes, and that’s defamation.”
      Judge: “But you have testified that you are a reporter and haven’t written books. What do you say when you take quotes from books? Do you include whole chapters and paragraphs or have you ever included just a sentence or two?”
      Bill: “No, see these are just tweets that they only pick out a few words and then..”
      Judge: “Do you have copies of these tweets?”
      Bill: “Hoge does! He stalks me at every turn!”
      Judge: “Hoge? Who is Hoge? Is he a party in this case?”
      Bill: “Oh he wanted to be, your honor, he did. But you see, I knew his game! He WANTED me to sue him, but I knew this his game! I figured him out! Oh yes. He thought he was so much smarter than me, but I had the advantage! He thought if he could get named he would get one over on me but he didn’t know I knew that. Oh sure, they made fun of me on the internet, but the strawberries, they didn’t think I knew where the key was! There was a duplicate you see and I can prove it! They knew I had them. But when I finally had the evidence, when I finally KNEW THEY … ” stops.. looks around..

      *crickets in the courtroom..

      Judge: “Case dismissed. Dear God, why do I get these loons..”

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  3. Does the American civil court system have time to discuss the context of every quotation by a guy who thinks scouts having anal sex is funny? Asking for a friend.

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