Common Ground in the War Over Words

It’s great to see someone who might not agree with me on some things take a terrific stand on an important issue:

From the blog Stardust:

I’m a feminist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, egalitarian alien, and of course I prefer not to hear the voices of those bastards which instead are sexist/homophobic/racist.


Of course I’m not saying that now everyone should listen, accept and tolerate the shit of anyone. If someone is being an asshole, I truly believe in the right/duty of people to get angry at it, fight it, express their own opinion towards it, explain their points, with vehemence also. They might also decide to exclude that particular human from their company, I think that’s legitimate. But still, the asshole should be free to express its assholery.polls_CensorshipButton_5332_175085_poll_xlarge

Just to be clear, I’m not homophobic or racist, but there are plenty of nuanced positions I
take which might offend Stardust.  (Just guessing here: abortion, Dick Cheney, feminism and firearms.)

Stardust correctly points out that the solution to hate speech isn’t authoritarian control over what we say, but extra voices in the marketplace of ideas.


UK Police arrest man for Facebook ‘Hate Speech’ about migrants



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