Apparently, Light Editing is a Crime

John Hoge has had to deal with lots of Kimberlin fantasy, but this one is funny.  Brett


Aaron! Go easy on the red pen.

Kimberlin is accusing Aaron Walker of writing John’s court documents.  The story is here.

Something to remember in the Kimberlin fiascos.  Brett Kimberlin has studied law but has never learned it.  John Hoge never formally studied law, and occasionally needs minor editing help.

Aaron has his response here.  Part of it is an explanation I clipped from Aaron’s response.  Apparently, lawyers help out clients in this way all the time, ans it’s not a big deal.


There’s so much dumb being flung, it’s getting too easy.  Team Kimberlin needs a lawyer.

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4 Responses to Apparently, Light Editing is a Crime

  1. Toastrider says:

    I think he’s starting to get a little desperate.

    As I understand it, Mr. Hoge’s filings, pre-editing, have been described as ‘good but not perfect’. And Mr. Hoge has been characterized in this as a ‘gifted amateur’ (but as a compliment, and let’s be honest, in law that’s a pretty good compliment). With Mr. Walker putting the polish on them, the darts are landing a lot closer than Kimberlin cares to think about.

    So Kimberlin is trying to attack Hoge’s support structures. Unfortunately, it’s not going to work.

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  2. My teenaged daughter [who is not incarcerated, is absolutely horrified that the incarcerated teen’s eyebrows do not match.

    I’m not sure why I wanted to share this with you all, but there you go.


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