Two Popular Weapons…

…in the Bill Schmalfeldt arsenal which should be pointed out frequently.

  1. Stretching the truth ’till it breaks.
  2. Hoping to scare people about giving testimony.

Neither ever work, but here is a great example of both:


This tweet was edited to remove a hashtag insult inserted by Bill.

First of All, Sarah does not have a restraining order against Bill Schmalfeldt.  Here is the header (and I did not include Bill’s address) and the official title is on the right in all caps.


Secondly, on a purely statistical basis, Sarah is never likely to face the withering interrogation skills of Bill Schmalfeldt.  She is much more likely to have the entire mess dropped or dismissed with prejudice.

There is zero chance some tidbit of a rumor from Sarah’s life will be a subject in an examination by Bill. (Did everybody get a chill by those last three words?)  Bill is suing Sarah and others for reporting on Bill and his life.  Guess whose behavior might become important for a judge?

Quick review down memory lane.  In the Kimberlin v. Walker (Hoge, Akbar and McCain) circus, did anybody get to cross-examine about Hoge’s life?  Kimberlin tried, but was cut off.  It was Kimberlin’s alleged pedophilia and long history of wrong-doing which mattered.  And how did that turn out? 


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11 Responses to Two Popular Weapons…

  1. Ashterah says:

    In what pretendy land do rumors about other people get to be examined in his lawsuit? Oh wait. This is Bill you are talking about.

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  2. monitor2112 says:

    Cabin Boy™ always seems to rely on the same tactics…which never work. Making it pretty easy to ignore whatever drivel is coming out his mouth at the time.

    One change I’ve noticed though…he doesn’t seem to be harping on peoples behavior of Brett Kimberlin. I guess the checks stopped…or they bounced.

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    • Boston Bob says:

      I know that others disagree, but I think these tactics have worked for him, at least once perhaps ages ago. Perhaps in an office setting somewhere, or as a kid. He bullied his way to what he wanted and decided that this was the way to go. I think it might even have worked until he started getting push back just a few years ago. It would explain why he keeps doing it even though it’s clearly not working anymore.

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      • This has all the earmarks of a strategy which he fully expects to be successful…but which hasn’t. That’s when the high level tantrum begins.

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      • Perry Mason says:


        There is no doubt that sometime, at the beginning of the social media boom, Willy found himself in a dispute (that CANNOT be denied) with someone on facebook or another platform who was so unused to their personal, “private” info being broadcast, that they backed down and gave him what he wanted. Probably simple capitulation. There are many stories from that time of people who were shocked that their own names were used against them.

        And if Willy has proved one thing about himself, it is that he is the most simplistic of thinker, so one time would have been enough for a Schmaldfeltian “AH HA!” moment. And the rest is judicial history.

        The fact that Willy continues to come back to that now mostly discredited tactic in a mindless attempt to win an argument merely proves the point.

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      • Perry Cosign says:

        Co-signing Bob and Perry on this. Deb Frisch-watchers came to a similar conclusion in her case, too. In short: bullying, stalking, threats and harassment worked for both of them…until they met a gang willing to hit back – and hit back HARDER.

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  3. Simo Häyhä says:

    Stretching the truth? You are too gentle. Bill blatantly lies.

    In a “Consumers In Control” complaint, Schmalfeldt denies having access to firearms. Yet there he is in Polaroid glory brandishing a rifle with no trigger discipline. Tell me my lying eyes are wrong.

    He is predictable, will stay the course, and, eventually, will completely neuter himself.

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    • A lot of his lies are in the form of partial truths or deliberate misinterpretations.
      In the movie Color of Money, Paul Newman’s character says “You’re a character.” (To Tom Cruise) Cruise then says “Didja hear that? He says I got character…” Newman’s character sets him straight.
      I think self-delusion are universal traits, but in this case we’ve got a guy who can only face the delusional view. Looking at the unfiltered “me” would be too painful, and so we get truth stretched beyond recognition.

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  4. I thought his two most popular weapons were stalking and harassment? (Per his tweet that those weren’t the only weapons in his arsenal.)

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    • gmhowell says:

      His *three* weapons are stalking, harassment, and LOLsuits …and an almost fanatical devotion to the Diddler.

      On Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 5:25 PM, Dave Alexander & Company with Ukuleledave and David Edgren — This is the original Artisan Craft Blog wrote:

      > librarygryffon commented: “I thought his two most popular weapons were > stalking and harassment? (Per his tweet that those weren’t the only weapons > in his arsenal.)” >

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