Shorter Judge Hazel:

one does not simply unseal.png

Background here.  Brett Kimberlin wants to use sealed documents from discovery in one of his suits as evidence in another suit.  He just wants to waste time and paper — which is all his lawfare has accomplished.  He is suing a gang prosecutor from L.A. (Pat Frey) who would rather keep some items a secret. It really sounds like a judge is growing tired of his games.

Shorter Brett Kimberlin:


Shown actual size. Morally speaking.

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3 Responses to Shorter Judge Hazel:

  1. Easein says:

    Isn’t that second photo Mr. Hanky?

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  2. Not according to my Smell-O-Vision monitor. Hanky’s odor, I can tolerate for several minutes. Not that one.

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  3. Always remember that Brett Kimberlin is a small man in every sense of that word’s usage!


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