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The Department of Corrections

In a previous post, I stated accurately that Bill Schmalfeldt had deleted a lot of internet writing over the years including blogs, tweets and emails.  It has been brought to my attention that certain writings may have been lost due … Continue reading

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…but tomorrow I might have to remove this note. [Text of hand written note taped on a door inside a monastic senior living facility in Wisconsin 1/26/2016] I found an interesting article on a way internet companies are informing users … Continue reading

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Thanks For the Picture, PJ Media

Thanks to PJ Media and Ed  

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You Don’t Have the Right to Disrupt Public Meetings?

UPDATE: UNC Protesters arrested.  I’ll bet they were surprised. In what is becoming an increasingly common event, protesters disrupted the UNC Board of Governors meeting Tuesday. But this time, four people were arrested. About three dozen demonstrators attended the meeting … Continue reading

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The Cyberstalking Guide – An Updated List

The following comes from a list of characteristics posted online in an unsigned article, and it seems reasonable enough.   Common types of stalking activities to look out for include: Taking over online accounts through guessing the victim’s password details. … Continue reading

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A Very Good Justification

…for continued strength in the face of evil. John Hoge details his experience with Brett Kimberlin and his team here.  Let me point out something which should be mentioned. All of John Hoge’s writings are on public display, even searchable … Continue reading

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I’m Not Looking for a Revolution

I’m looking for a change in the right direction. Bob Belvedere of The Camp of the Saints points out that when rights are denied to us, we don’t need a revolution to restore what is lost. What we seek is … Continue reading

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Happy Slaves Book Pulled – Wait. What?

This one is weird.  A book which shows George Washington’s slaves as “happy” has been pulled by Scholastic Books. A children’s book from the Scholastic Corporation that portrayed George Washington’s slaves as happy is being pulled from shelves following consumer … Continue reading

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Did the Earth Move for You Too, Sweetie?

You have not truly lived until you have laid in bed through the first 45 seconds of a minute plus long 7.1 magnitude earthquake listening to stuff falling off your shelves downstairs. It might have been the most terrifying thing … Continue reading

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Tired of Teaching Reading and Writing, This Teacher Decided to Teach Racism!

From The Last Refuge: MINNEOLA, Fla. —A Lake County mom is outraged over what one teacher tried explaining to her students during what she called a “lesson in racism.” Lychelle Bland wants her daughter to learn black history, but not … Continue reading

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