If Krendler, Hoge or Alexander Got One of These…

The title of the order would forever be associated with our names.


For the record, Bill earned the “No Contact Order for Stalking” not the other part.  But there it is, in black and white.

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76 Responses to If Krendler, Hoge or Alexander Got One of These…

  1. Dave. Have I said so much as “boo” to or about you lately? Then I would love to hear your reasons for your continued defamation. You write about interesting topics, not that I agree with, but you make your points. Why do you insist on fanning the flames?


    • Toastrider says:


      Did you or did you not get served with that?

      You really should give this up, Bill. There’s no prize for holding the record for largest number of restraining orders in the U.S.

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    • lorddewclaw says:

      I thought you weren’t going to engage here, Fatass…

      Another lie.

      Color me shocked…

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    • You’d think by now, having had several years to acquaint himself with what is and is not defamation, Schmally would know that truth is an absolute defense.

      He was treated like person who exhibits stalking behavior, because he exhibits stalking behavior. What is so difficult about not contacting people who say they don’t want you to contact them? Blog all you want. Tweet all you want. Comment until you get your dumb ass banned. Stay away from threats and PII and nobody will be much bothered with your idiot opinions, much less archive and quote all the stupid shit you say.

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      • Dianna says:

        An absolute, precisely delivered, home truth. And I speak as someone who has ignored all Schmalfeldt’s unpleasant and idiotic commentary on me aside from a direct threat, despite being sued.

        Stop harassing people, stop attempting to dox people, stop being a jerk on the internet. In a month, no one will ever “bother”, or even think about you, again.

        Oh, wait…

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    • The fact you have neither harassed, nor said “boo” to me specifically does not make you off limits. You have EARNED attention and Peace Orders. You know how to avoid both, but you choose not to make good decisions. As for defamation? Please find a lawyer to explain to me the defamation.

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    • rt895 says:

      Damn, Bill. Turn off the Google Alerts, push away from the keyboard and spend some time in the Real World… You being the first to comment shows you just can’t leave the Daves alone even after David E send you running…

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  2. BusPassOffice says:

    People need reasons to write about people?

    Imagine that..

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  3. popcornseller says:

    Was something taken out of context? Did I miss something?

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  4. Paul Krendler says:

    Story problem: given the total number of restraining orders past and current against Bill Schmalfeldt, and subtracting the total number of restraining orders past and current against Bill Schmalfeldt, is the resulting number equal to or greater than the number of happy, healthy, grateful, well adjusted children Bill Schmalfeldt has raised?

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  5. Sputnik is still up there says:

    Dave Alexander merely reported something, without commentary. That is not defamatory. A man with nine restraining/no contact orders is newsworthy.


    One of which is on behalf of a 3 year old TODDLER.

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  6. Tao says:

    Seems to me now that the shoe is on the other foot, Billy, you are finding the “fit” a little uncomfortable. Of course, now that you’re an ADJUDICATED child stalker and harasser, I’m sure you are also aware how much prison inmates love those who prey on the little ones….especially if they’re also known as a SNITCH! One good thing about any incarceration that you will experience is that any hemorrhoids that you have will be taken care of by your fellow inmates. I don’t think your legal skills will be of any help to you in the Big House.

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    • popcornseller says:

      DEATHTHREAT !1!1!!1ELEVENTY!!1!11!!!

      Well NO, that’s just wrong, isn’t it. Tao did not threaten its life. And PRISONTHREAT doesn’t quite convey the message.


      Oh my, that’s just gross.

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      • Neal N. Bob says:

        It’s my understanding that the fat boys are the most popular in the hoosegow on account of their skin being so soft. Oh, and the titties.

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  7. Reporting on accurate information is hardly defamatory. Neither is Dave’s observation about how the moniker would stick if it were someone else who had obtained it.

    I found it very interesting that not a single question was asked by the judge about the second order that was granted. And not many were asked regarding the first, and those mostly centered around if contact had continued after the request to stop was sent. It was so cut and dried compared to the other orders being dealt with. And of the three 50B (for those with whom you have a relationship either sexual or familial) and four 50C orders (what is posted above) being adjudicated that I observed that day, only two were granted by that judge. You get one guess as to which two they were. Kind of weird.

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  8. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    So after nine, NINE, restraining orders Bill is still going to hold to to his misguided belief that his behavior has NOTHING to do with them? What a moron. Seriously, how stupid do you have to be not NOT see that after nine restraining orders that you might want to take a step back and head in a different direction with your life? Guess that’s what he’s known as

    World’s Stupidest Man™

    Oh and William “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt? Since when is accurately reporting on your 8th and 9th restraining orders defamation? Seriously man, get help.

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    • Paul Krendler says:

      I’m going to have to disagree with you here, Carl.

      If he got help, I fear he would cease to be as unintentionally entertaining as he is today, and I would be deprived of a rich mother lode of comedy material. That would be as great a punishment as DUMBFUCK could possibly inflict upon me; I would hate for that to happen for any reason that he could control or reverse (read into that what you will).

      But DUMBFUCK’S historic (and by historic I mean EPIC) inability to identify and to act in his own best interests or to recognize and heed common sense advice renders the notion of him getting help a virtual impossibility; so I guess it doesn’t matter if you recommend it or not.

      Have on!

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    • His complaints are even more bizarre given that A) he has never felt the need for truth when “reporting” on others and B) he has also pointed out that truth is an absolute defense against defamation claims. The only logical conclusion would be that he doesn’t know the definition of either truth or defamation.

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  9. Heck, I even pointed out that Bill didn’t get the “Nonconsensual Sexual Contact” part of the order. From the way Bill phrased the previous “RICO charges” against Hoge (which were not charges but a weak civil suit) and the way he waved the Grace’s Law (or Gracie’s, I forget) accusation at John, and the continuing accusation by Kimberlin that Walker assaulted him…I know that Team Kimberlin folds, spindles and mutilates the truth.

    If anything — I’ve prevented any of our more energetic writers from posting “HEY! Bill Schmaleldt just got a XXXXX Order!”

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  10. Since he doesn’t seem to be modiofying his behaviour accordingly, is there a pool on how long before he reaches double digits?

    And if his behaviour is so innocent with 9 orders, why are we not seeing anything from his “friends” in Team Kimberlin? Karoli, Bunnyboy and Willy usually comment when predicting DOOOOOOOM on others, but this last 2 for 1 RO has had no response but….

    I gues you can’t really challenge an RO a court had to grant a freakin’ 3 year old child against your “good friend”.

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  11. Neal N. Bob says:

    I think that everyone is overlooking the most humiliating part of the latest Schmalfeldt fiasco.

    If I understand the procedure correctly, one of the restraining orders was filed on behalf of the toddler. That being the case, one could make a plausible (and completely factual) case that super pro-se Schmalfeldt just lost in court to a three year old.

    Forget capitulating to the dim, dim girls, I always expected that to happen, Bill Schmalfeldt just his ass handed to him by a three year old.

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  12. I know dealing in reality makes some folks dizzy. Would anyone care to tell me just how I “harassed” Sarah’s grandson? She never said. She just said I did and a North Carolina court said, “well, she said so” and gave her a restraining order. Can any of you fine people share with me just how I harassed this sweet child who has more to fear from his own mother than he does from me?


    • Neal N. Bob says:

      Judge said so, or would have preferred to lose in front of a jury.

      I guess the hotel search for North Carolina didn’t go as well as planned, huh?

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    • Billy = MORON says:


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    • This Other Latin F*cker says:

      So sorry but not going to do your work Bill. Maybe next time you sack up and show up. Or you could pay what it costs to get all the paperwork from the court. I’m sure there were lots of exhibits and such the judge looked at. The fact that you delete the vast majority of the crap you puke onto the internet doesn’t mean it isn’t being saved and used as proof of your stalking and harassing.

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      • Paul Krendler says:


        The fact that you delete the vast majority of the crap you puke onto the internet doesn’t mean it isn’t IS THE VERY REASON it is being saved and used as proof of your stalking and harassing.

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    • Pablo says:

      Can any of you fine people share with me just how I harassed this sweet child who has more to fear from his own mother than he does from me?

      Yeah, that’s a real headscratcher there, Dumbfuck. I can’t imagine how anyone would think that. Nice job, stalker.

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    • Dianna says:

      I quote: Shake, Baby, Shake! And accusations that said child had been shaken into a brain hemorrhage. And an ugly tweet with a picture of a shaken baby on life support. All since the restraining order was granted!

      You are a foul stalker and harasser of a three year old kid. We’ve all seen and saved the evidence. Your whining and griping and lying will not help you.

      Oh, and yes, I am on the train.

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  13. How did I harass the grandbaby?


  14. In her complaint she mentions numerous mentions of her grandson and how I found out about the potentially fatal injuries inflicted on the child by her daughter from her ex (not true. as Sarah told me herself in the e-mail in which she thought I was GM Howell). She mentions that I posted pictures of the grandchild. And what does she offer into evidence? A blog post responding to insults from her with a picture of her glaring hungrily at a baby WITH ITS FACE BLURRED OUT!!!

    Again, go look at “turdsrfood” and tell me how evil I am, hypocrites.


    • Neal N. Bob says:

      I’ve always wanted to ask someone this. How does feel to lose in court to a toddler?

      I’m writing a press release.

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    • Techno Jinxx says:

      why dont you send the disgusting “turdsrfood” site a DMCA and press your copyright on the pictures you claim are there?
      I say claim, as I’ve never been there, as most of the Horde hasn’t. It’s not run by any one that any of the horde claim even a passing knowledge of.

      Strange isn’t it? we all comment on each other’s blogs almost daily, yet NO ONE has made even one comment there.

      Considering how quickly you are to scream copyright infringement and send DMCA’s for the least little thing (having a fit because your name is in a blog title for instance), and then blogging/tweeting the DMCA repeatedly….your lack of doing such in this instance (and practically begging others to go there) tells everyone exactly who is running that particular site.

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    • Schmalfeldt, if you don’t like your turdsrfood website, take it down. If it’s not your website, send wordpress a dmca takedown notice for your photographs on the site. If you think the site is harassment or defamation directed at you, file a suit [or add a defendant] and subpoena wordpress for the author’s identity.

      I will cheer you on. I haven’t actually seen the site in question, but all the discussion indicates that it is irredeemably nasty.

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    • I think all of us here woud have absolutely no problem with you seeking to get a subpoena to find out the true owners of “turdsrfood”, and would actually actively encourage you.

      Go ahead. Be our guest. get that subpoena.

      I think you will find the answer to who owns that site closer to home.

      I suspect the owner is either :
      -an adjudged pedophile;
      -convicted for child porn;
      -said someone else’s child porn wasn’t so bad,
      -said they would have sex with a 14 year old girl;
      -or writes boy scout porn “parodies”.

      Whatever my belief is, I would be extremely interested if you were to get subpoenas, track down the owner, and announce it to the world.

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  15. Neal N. Bob says:

    It really is nice of William to participate because what we’re seeing is why I love him so much.

    “Everybody lies and judges are gullible. But my lulzsuits will succeed because, well, because they’ll succeed. Just you watch.”

    The penchant for self-delusion couldn’t be more adorable!

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  16. I’m guessing that you would not have either No Contact Orders for Stalking if you actually honored the request to not contact Sarah. Additionally, that you not try to extort Krendler’s contact information from her, and that you avoid the nasty habit of posting the pictures of minor children of your enemies on your websites.
    This continuing fascination with the supposed injuries the child suffered is really sad. How many times will you try to hurt others over an incident you were not a witness to and don’t understand? The child’s welfare is in the capable hands of Sarah. Leave them alone. Repeating that crap just continues to make you look sick.

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    • If he had stopped the contact when he was asked to stop, PARTICULARLY before calling my husband, none of this would have happened. But no. He just had to keep on.

      And what part of “as a legal guardian I have a responsibility to keep my grandson safe” does he not understand? Especially when he continues to try to intimidate me by discussing my grandson – who has never spoken a word to him – and saying the things that he does… it reaches new heights of creepy and just needs to stop.

      He’s lucky that my daughter didn’t press one as well. She decided that she had better things to do. Like earning medals in sharpshooting.

      That’s it. In a nutshell.

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  17. Sputnik is still up there says:

    If BS did not routinely delete his blogs and Twitter accounts, he would be able to review the numerous times he crossed the line regarding Sarah and her grandchild. For example, tweets and comments stating that he was receiving information that was under seal (FOR THE PROTECTION OF A MINOR) and publishing it, and that there would be more to come if Sarah did not do what he asked. He ADMITTED in writing that he was getting this info from her ex. Of course, if he had made an appearance, he would have seen all the evidence, and would have realized that out of 7 applications for restraining orders, only TWO were granted – Sarah’s.

    Finally, the purpose of a summons is to ensure that a defendant has notice. Sarah had to go to court three times because the judge wasn’t sure BS was aware of the proceedings against him. The key is notice, and BS helpfully, so very helpfully, indicated that he had notice, up to and including his call to the court clerk.

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    • Neal N. Bob says:

      Furthermore, a DUMBFUCK admits that it was served one summons, which it ignored and actually taunted the victim about travelling across the country to contest. And that was the toddler’s, which a DUMBFUCK lost.

      To be fair, I’d probably try to obfuscate the circumstances under which I was humiliated in public by a three year, too. I just like to think that I’d have the good sense to stay out of public and hope that everyone else forgot before challenging the record.

      But that’s why I’m not a DUMBFUCK.

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      • Neal N. Bob says:

        Now, because I’m feeling really friendly, I’ll offer a DUMBFUCK some advice.

        Because you’re a pituitary retard, you willingly submitted yourself to the jurisdiction of North Carolina and Illinois and every other state that has an order with your name on it. On top of that, you had the singularly GENIUS idea of moving to Wisconsin, which recognizes and enforces said orders.

        No one convinced you to do any of those things. You stupidly did them all on your own, DUMBFUCK.

        Of course, there’s a way for this to all go away. To paraphrase a DUMBFUCK, forget we exist and get on with your life. The lawyering game just isn’t for you. I’ve never spent more than two weeks in the United States, and I know more about American law than you do. So, apparently, does a three year old boy.

        But you won’t follow that advice, which is why you’re my favorite chew toy. Arrogant is one thing. Stupid is another. The combination is irresistible.

        However, if you’re so inclined, there’s a cure for that.

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  18. Neal N. Bob says:


    Excuse me,


    There. that’s better.

    William is still going on about what judges will and won’t believe, god love him!

    And people say that schizophrenia can’t be cute.

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    • MJ says:

      The first thing she’ll want to do is determine whether Bill meets the technical merits that establishes it can go to discovery. He’s like 10 steps ahead of where he should be. While he incorrectly believes we’ll all be in front of a judge, he still has to get past all the lawyering bits that take place.

      Of course, there is still one hurdle before him he still hasn’t passed.

      Tick tock..

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  19. Pablo says:



    I think I’m gonna go with the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

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  20. agiledog says:

    Once AGAIN, Bill Schmalfeldt asks his stupid question: “What have I done that justifies everything you and your friends have done to me?

    And once AGAIN, I will list the specific things he did to me:
    1. He doxed me, after faildoxing three other people along the way, and has published my name, address and telephone number, as well as pictures of me and my wife, on his twitter and websites.
    2. He used copyrighted photos of mine without permission to try and intimidate me into silence.
    3. He falsely accused me of committing the crimes of stalking and harassment.
    4. He harassed me and my wife with nearly 20 unsolicited, unwanted emails and calls.
    5. He threatened to take away or ruin my wife’s hard earned business.
    6. He has insulted my wife.
    7. He tried to intimidate and embarrass my wife in front of her employees and business partner.

    I’m still on my first cup of coffee, so this list is probably (provably?) not complete. Some of these things, in isolation, would be ignored, but taken as a whole, they justify all of the steps I have taken. He has done worse to others.

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