Planetary Motion and Unhinged Writers

I only took one astronomy class in college, but the neatest concept I learned was retrograde motion.  From Earth, Mars looks like it does a “loop de loop” in the heavens.  You really have to watch it over time, but against the blanket of stars, it and the other nearby planets seems to wander.

Graphic from Wikipedia:



Astronomers/philosophers proposed really bizarre theories to explain this until it was finally discovered that this is the exact kind of path which would be observed from Earth if Mars and Earth were both orbiting the sun.

Bill Schmalfeldt has proposed that John Hoge is operating a cult of personality.  That the Lickspittles and Zombies are his minions.  Bill proposes that when I briefly and slightly complimented his writing in his lawsuit against several people that I was pushed out of the cult.  But now that I have criticized Schmalfeldt, I am back in the good graces of the horde.

This tells us more about Bill Schmaleldt’s personality than it does about mine.

There are much simpler explanations.

Let me try one out here:

I write what I want, when I want, and why I want. I explained this in several posts, including “I’ll talk about anything I want, Schmalfeldt.”

head down

People keep asking me why I’m not angry about this, or scared.  There are several reasons.  Bill ain’t got nothin’.  Zip. I have never harassed him, although I was pretty rough on his comedy sketch about the two Cub Scouts having anal sex.  Yup, he thinks that’s funny.  I’m pretty sure I commented about one of his lousy books.  He’s a writer and self-styled comedian.  He’s got to take the good reviews with the bad.  OK, so far they’ve all been bad.   I will continue to comment about his online harassment of others.  I’ll talk about anything I want, Schmalfeldt.

The other reason is that this all centers around the First Amendment, and the rights of rabble like me to speak our minds.  If I let this two bit bully push me around, then I’ve given up my right to speak my mind.  Keep my head down?  Not at your command, and not on your advice.


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28 Responses to Planetary Motion and Unhinged Writers

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  2. I am not trying to push you around, Dave. I could care less what you write about. If you insist on writing about me, I assume you are smart enough to check with me to see if what you are going to publish is true or just more “hogwash” from Hoge’s cult of personality. I don’t agree with your politics, but when you write on other subjects I find you to be thoughtful and well reasoned. But I think you are giving in to peer pressure from the cult to keep up the attack on yours truly.

    I am not a public person as that is defined in tort law. If you stop 1,000 people on the street and ask them about me, NONE of them will have the slightest idea who I am. I am never going to sue you, Dave, because I believe at heart you are a decent, honorable person who unfortunately has drunk the Kool-Aid. I have no warnings for you, I have no threats to level at you. I am a simple, 61-year old widower trying to get on with his life while Hoge’s cult is making up lies in a frenzied attempt to leave me homeless.

    You are always free to contact me, and I appreciate your allowing me to comment here. I will vigorously defend my rights, and I will not give in to bullies.



    • MJ says:

      You have no rights to defend. Your interpretation of tort law is horrendous. Not a single article anyone has published “about you” is wrong. Most of it is opinion, but when we quote you, you can’t help but get indignant because its not how you want to frame the narrative.

      Sorry, but in the big world with the adults, you don’t get the privilege of running away like a cry bully every couple of weeks and then come back and throw shit again, and try to make yourself more and more whiner. You don’t get to memory-hole history and not be accountable for it. Doesn’t work that way. You either have integrity to stand behind your words and actions, or you don’t.

      As the leader of Prentendy Land with your VP Johnny Walker, you can do whatever you wish. For the real world, you’re going to be held accountable. Don’t get mad bro, just walk away like the big man you claim. You’ve been beaten badly at each turn. Take the high road, or the cure, whatever works for you.

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    • Pablo says:

      I have no warnings for you, I have no threats to level at you.

      “Let’s forget all about when I tried to hassle your employer because you had the temerity to make comments I didn’t like! Of course I failed miserably, but that’s only because I’m a DUMBFUCK, not because I’m not a creepy stalker asshole that was trying to make you pay!”

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      • No, he’s just promises to send a “press release” written in the third person to your local media about how you harass a poor widower with PD even though you have never directly contacted him. Or he’ll report you to the feds for a crime that you didn’t commit and which probably isn’t even a crime, but he can guarantee that it will land you in jail. Or perhaps he’ll just report you for child abuse if you have a child.

        But no, he’s never, ever threatened people.

        Pablo and Gryffin are correct about the historical record. If it is Bill’s testimony that he is not threatening me, he if framing the question in a Clintonian manner. Is he threatening me, right now? No, now he is writing cordially. Has he in the past — as recently as a few weeks ago — threatened to sue me or otherwise legally harm, me? Yes. documents available on request. Does his continuing lawsuit against others threaten all of us? Yup. He hopes to quell criticism of his actions by suing people whose only crime is that they disagree with Bill in such a rough tone that his feelings are hurt. — Dave

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    • Pablo says:

      I am not a public person as that is defined in tort law.

      Then what is all this about?

      You can’t have it both ways, Blob, and at this point you don’t get to pick which way you’re going to have it.

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    • Paul Lemmen says:

      Bill, you are your own ‘cult of personality. For a self-described comedian with a fecal fetish, that is about as close to being acceptable to the public at large. We are all failures at times in our lives and the sin of Pride prevents us from acknowlefging that fact and continueing to wallow in that particular sin deepens our incomplete and defective worldview.
      Keep praying Bill as I keep praying for you. Do you rmember the prayer I taught you? Here it is again, to refresh your memory: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, the sinner.
      The more often you pray this, the better you will see yourdelf and your sins, the better to confess them and receive absolution. I pray itconstantly to keepmy sinfulness in check.

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    • Toastrider says:

      Bill, Bill, Bill…

      You can’t win this. Look at what just happened to Brett’s lawsuit against Aaron Walker: gutted like a — dare I say it? — hog for dinner. Look at your own track record, replete with losses and ‘dismissed with prejudice’. Look at the restraining orders you’ve racked up.

      Shutuppery doesn’t work, Bill. Yes, people have said mean things about you.

      Grow up. People say mean things about other people all the time. It’s called LIFE.

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    • Paul Krendler says:



      I mean, aside from the fact that you are a hairless, sand filled pussy with testicles for feet and a pisshole to talk out of, I thought you didn’t make threats.

      You make PROMISES.

      Speaking of which, has Hoge paid yet for making you piss on that HoCo deputy’s shoes?

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    • Paul Krendler says:

      Oh, and the only part of Bill’s comment that’s true and correct is “I am…simple.”

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  3. Typical.
    1) A throws metaphorical crap at B
    2) B throws it back
    3) A runs to (fill in the blank with appropriate authority figure) yelling that B threw real crap at A.

    I had a sister who refined it further, leaving out step 2, and sometimes even step 1. Although my mother knew what was going on, she never took measures to stop it so my sister continued it for most of our childhood. They both wonder why my sister and I don’t get on very well to this day.

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  4. It seems that someone has already started bloviating about his “rights.” I guess he forgot that his “rights” have absolutely nothing to do with the opinions others can hold about what he does. And whether or not they can publicly talk about them. If he did not put it out there, if it was not so far off what an average person considers “sane” discourse, he would not get the reactions he gets.

    He wants to shut you up because he doesn’t like what you think about him. Sorry. Not going to happen. Not in this lifetime.

    And yes. You are completely correct. Bill’s opinion about what he believes happened says a whole lot more about his personality than it does yours.

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  5. Dianna says:

    He didn’t like what I had to say – and I am a very mild person – so he sued my employer.

    That is not the act of a sane or reasonable person.

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    • Dianna says:

      Oh, and it is the weekend, so no, I’m not at work. So a stalker need not become excited and screen shot my remark with which to harass my employer.

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      • Sadly, since we know, as you stated in your first comment, that he does not act in the manner expected of a sane or reasonable person, he will probably try to hold them responsible for every single comment you have ever made or ever will, no matter whether you are working for them at the time or not.

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      • Techno Jinxx says:

        he is probably hoping they throw some “go away” money at him, after the way he’s burning thru the urned insurance $$ can you blame him?

        actually YES you can, as does everyone else.

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    • Dianna says:

      He complains of people “using his image”. What of the foul Photoshop he did of me? What of the threats he made to me?

      The disgusting hypocrite.

      He is beyond fortunate that I am a deeply socialized person.

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      • He is beyond fortunate that we are all deeply socialized.

        Of course he’s run, practically screaming, when he mis-doxes someone and find out that his latest target is a dock worker, or a felon. Remember how upset he was when it was suggested we should all chip in and buy Kyle a plane ticket to Maryland?

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    • Pablo says:

      Dave is a kind soul too, whereas I’m a bit of an asshole. Librarygriffon is a reserved sort too, at least up until he poked the Mama bear in her. The ONLY thing that matters to DUMBFUCK is whether he can figure out how to lash out at someone IRL. If he can, he will, and it really doesn’t matter what you’ve said.

      The boy needs medication.

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