Are You Done Girding Your Loins, Schmalfeldt?


Some tidbits from Bill Schmalfeldt’s Twitter feed.  The WAR iconography and vocabulary is a bit much:

No Quarter.png

Seventy-two minutes.  Seventy-two minutes.  And we’re obsessed.


Once again, for background.  Bill Schmalfeldt is an internet blogger, former writer for the Daily Kos,  former radio announcer on SiriusXM,  habitual oversharer, author of several books (some of which he wrote himself) and comedy CD recording artist.   The books and CDs are available at Amazon in much the same way Marc Singer movies are available on VHS at the thrift store.

Despite spending his entire adult life trying to become famous, he considers himself a private person.  He has described bowel movements and loved ones online with equal passion.

Bill Schmalfeldt’s writing has been compared to Faulkner and Hemingway.  His podcasts have elements which are both welcome and enjoyable. * 

He is suing several people who he says have done him wrong.  While some folks have said some truthful bad things about him, and some hyperbolic bad things about him, the case is embarrassing. 


Don’t screw with him when he uses words like “shall.”  Methinks he sees himself as avenging knight, and not a goofy troll.

He is simultaneously facing new Peace Orders/Protection orders from the same folks he’s suing because apparently that’s one of the only ways to keep him from contacting you. Well, it doesn’t always work. 

Tomorrow he will likely add another to his collection.  I’ll be there to see it happen.  Bill has complained that too many of the people he harasses live too far away from him.  He doesn’t travel well.  I know it’s inconvenient, but until Bill starts harassing people in person, some travel will be necessary. 


* “Bill Schmalfeldt’s writing is not nearly as good as Faulkner or Hemingway.” 

“Parts of Bill Schmalfeldt’s podcasts are both welcome and enjoyable. Sadly, the dead air only lasts a bit, he finds the microphone button and then he’s talking again.” 



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21 Responses to Are You Done Girding Your Loins, Schmalfeldt?

  1. Avenger Watcher says:


  2. Bill doesn’t have the cojones to do in-person harassment of someone local. They might object in person too, IYKWIM.

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  3. bschmalfeldt2015 says:

    Funny fat jokes about moo-moo’s aside, I generally find it desirable before I do a hit piece on someone to at least try to determine if what I’m writing is accurate. The “war” reference is a response to something “Krendler” wrote about how “the Dumbfuck” wanted war. And if you would listen to the actual podcast before commenting on it, NOT ONE WORD of that 72 minutes was about this situation.

    Dave, you were one of the more reasonable players in this little charade. But as of late it seems you are enjoying the increase in traffic one can expect by turning your blog into a hate blog. As I haven’t posted a word about you in quite some time, this seems somewhat unfair.


  4. Oh, and Cousin Bill?

    It’s “gird”, not “girdle”. One “girds” one’s loins, one “girdles” a tree.

    Try and get this right…it’ll be painful and embarrassing otherwise.

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