Request for Croudsourcing to Experts

John Hoge has posted a document relating to the Walker v. Kimberlin and Kimberlin suit in Montgomery County, Maryland.  This document has this signature section:

Father Paul says they appear to be by the same hand.SIGNATURES.png


I agree.  Can anyone spot the tell-tale clues?  In my humble opinion, The downward stroke of the T in Tatyana looks like the beginnings of the B in Brett’s signature.  The sweeping motions are the same.  It looks like the second letter in Tatyana Kimberlin’s name is an “a.”  It even looks like the top part is redrawn.  Seriously?  Surely Brett knows how to spell his wife’s name?


Both look garbled, but Tatyana’s seems to have been written by someone with no clear idea of what letter comes next.  There appear to be three letter Ls in the last name.

Ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, I submit that this document is a clever forgery.  And since neither signature looks at all like those of Bill Schmalfeldt, I believe he MUST have written them.


OK.  That doesn’t make sense.  Does anyone have a friend who can authenticate or obfuscate the issue?  Please forward this post to your friends.

I actually found a signature that I know is Tatyana Kimberlin’s:


The signature is from some sort of document signed by Tatyana, during a time she was hoping to stay safe, and keep her kids with her.  I don’t really remember the situation.

I still an unconvinced about the other signature.

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6 Responses to Request for Croudsourcing to Experts

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    Personally, in visually comparing the first three or even five letters I see almost 100% percent matching.

    However, if there’s one thing I learned in 2015′ it is that signatures that are identical cannot have been made by the same hand.

    This is without doubt an ACME law forgery.


  2. IMHO looks like a forgery. The last part of the name that is written entirely different .


  3. I’m torn. That’s why I hope this post finds itself in the hands of anyone who can give a professional opinion.


  4. LLC says:

    I’d like to see more known examples of TK’s signature. To my admittedly unprofessional eye, I see some major differences, but we need a bigger sample.


  5. In BK’s signature, you see that he doesn’t bother actually trying to write his name, it’s more of a distinctive mark that implies his name. My own signature less legible, with not even a single legible letter. I am a very clever forger, though, so even though you can’t read my signature, it’s nearly identical every time i write it. In Tetyana’s signature, you see that she actually signs something like “Tanya” [not sure if this is a nickname, a diminutive, or she just doesn’t know how to spell her name in cursive]. When she gets as far as “Kimberlin,” she gives up, and just wiggles the pen around in letter-ish shapes. I doubt that she knows how to write Kimberlin in cursive. I know if I was her, I’d never have bothered to learn. So in the top image, it appears she just signed “Tanya,” then either decided herself, or was instructed, to add “kalabel” or whatever.


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