So, Somebody Thought a University Would Discriminate Against the Diversity VP?

From The College Fix:

Missouri State University spent an estimated $40,000 of taxpayer money to pay a group of attorneys to investigate whether its vice president of diversity and inclusion was discriminated against because he is black, a claim the executive at the public university made via a friend and a petition.

The end result of the month-long investigation in December? In effect, complaints alleged in the petition of “racist treatment” were baseless. – snip –

Please, discriminate against me next!


a) His salary is $120,402 (a little less than other VPs, but still $20,000 more than the average salary for diversity VPs);coopwood

b) His division’s operating budget was increased from $280,456 in 2013 to nearly $400,000 this year;

c) The university paid $180,000 to renovate Coopwood’s office suite;

d) and in sum, the public university has spent about $1.2 million on various diversity initiatives in recent years.

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