Why #NoJusticeNoLeBron makes #NoSense

Why #Nojusticenolebron is unfair to LeBron James. I agree with this essay with the exception of one sentence: ” Black athletes — especially collegiate athletes — are already seen as property of their predominantly white owners and white institutions.” Very highly paid athletes are NOT property. They’re are employees. Rich employees.

That’s actually amazing: I don’t usually agree with most people most of the time.

The Civil Word

In response to a Cleveland grand jury decision to not indict two white police officers in the murder of 12 year old Tamir Rice, some on social media have adopted the hashtag #NoJusticeNoLeBron. The hashtag represents a twitter campaign designed to encourage Cleveland Cavalier’s basketball megastar LeBron James to boycott NBA games in an attempt to pressure the Department of Justice “imprison the murderers of Tamir Rice”

CXW_ELEWkAELsyL Many see this as an action similar to the remarkably successful boycott undertaken by the University of Missouri football team — which resulted in the resignation of the university system President. In reality, the circumstances are vastly different — a boycott runs the risk of doing more harm than good and is ultimately unfair to LeBron James.

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