It Was Warm Last Week

But it wasn’t because of Global Warming.  How do I know?

Two reasons, really.  First, even the most aggressive Global Climate Change estimates say we’ve raised the earth temperatures less than 1 1/2 degrees. (See the bottom of page 161 here.)

You really can’t blame a warm week on a 1.6 degree warming of the atmosphere. Vox tries to blame lots of things on Climate Change, but they’re Vox, so.  There’s that.

Secondly, it’s been warm before:

From WUWT:

The warm weather on the eastern half of the USA this winter has prompted many climate alarmists blame it on global warming/climate change/climate disruption even though in 1955, a similarly warm and record breaking warm winter occurred well before CO2 was out of the “safe” zone as some call it.


Watts Up With That also sends along this cartoon from Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle:


Watts Up With That is a go-to website for climate related sanity. Bookmark, follow, read please.


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2 Responses to It Was Warm Last Week

  1. Dianna says:

    I have given up trying to talk sense to people about global warming, or climate change, or whatever they’re calling it this week.

    They won’t listen to people with Ph.D.’s, they surely are not going to listen to me.

    But my concern is that the data has been so corrupted and manipulated that we have no idea what is actually happening, and that – that! – is a travesty.

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    • Absolutely. Somewhere there might be a treasure trove of original data — with no “adjustments.” But can we trust even these readings? So many weather stations have been located near parking lots, airport runways…etc. And the hundred year old data has been estimated through tree rings and other indirect methods. That’s no way to do science. I know that, and I’m just an elementary school teacher.

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