If Something Bothers You, Don’t Read It


From xkcd:


Now, John Hoge has been tracking one particular reader with interest. My understanding is that the individual might in the long term benefit from some non-internet time.

As I’ve said before, in the Schmalfeldt controversy,  one side is accused of saying harsh things about someone.  The other side has a long history of reaching into other’s lives through direct contact.  That means saying things to someone.  One might be harassment, and the other isn’t.

If a website bothers you, don’t read it.

In May, 2012 this was the advice Bill Schmalfeldt gave to people who did not like his writing:

This diary, short and sweet, is really dedicated to the six people who found no humor whatsoever, thank you, in the piece I wrote yesterday about how it’s the “butt stuff” that male homophobes find so scary about “teh gey”.

Duty Calls

Also from xkcd.

It is not an apology.

It’s a suggestion.

Stop reading my stuff.




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5 Responses to If Something Bothers You, Don’t Read It

  1. Jeanette Victoria says:

    LOL Bill Schmalfeldt has a dedicated understudy Mix blocks someone then rubber necks at his twitter stream to respond.


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  2. Simo Häyhä says:

    The cognitive dissonance is astounding. You know the greatest fear of that particular reader? Being alone with his thoughts.

    Has that person even grieved yet? Burning with the envy heat of a thousand suns doesn’t count. Real mourning off the internet.

    Regardless, I’ll still pray for him.

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  3. theman9876 says:

    Imagine how much better Fat Willie’s life could be today if he would take his own advice. Just stop visiting the sites that bother you. But the big reveal is that we are the 3rd group of people who are victims of his harassment the past 10 years. He has been at this a very long time and I can’t see him stopping on his own. (Quick side note: you’d think with all his experience BS would demonstrate much much better online skills)

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