Campus Hate Crimes: Hoaxes Edition

I’m actually surprised there were not more confirmed hoaxes.  According to The College Fix, there have been a few examples of activists who couldn’t find enough hate, so they had to make their own:


November 2015: Remember that awful bag of poop found on the doorsteps of Vanderbilt University’s Black Cultural Center? How could anyone do such a thing? Racism! That’s what most of the school claimed, outraged. Well, someone could do such a thing, if they are blind,walking their dog, and could not find a trash can to throw away their guide pet’s excrement, as a student later explained to the campus.

December 2015: Probably the most ridiculously egregious hate-crime hoax of the year hails from Kean University, where an alumnus and former president of its Pan African Student Union left a campus protest against racism at her alma mater to tweet out “racist” statements against demonstrators from the campus library. [She then went back to the protests and showed her friends the racist tweets.]

Racism exists, and it shouldn’t.  These cases show that we have a long way to go in order to stop hate speech.  Including fake hate speech.


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