Arctic Water Too warm, Seals Affected

The latest news from 1922:



Snopes says “Fact:”

That article in turn was based on information relayed by the American consul in Norway to the U.S. State Department in October 1922 and published in the Monthly Weather Review:

The Arctic seems to be warming up. Reports from fisherman, seal seaL.jpghunters, and explorers who sail the seas about Spitzbergen and the eastern Arctic, all point to a radical change in climatic conditions, and hitherto underheard-of high temperatures in that part of the earth’s surface.

In August, 1922, the Norwegian Department of Commerce sent an expedition to Spitzbergen and Bear Island under the leadership of Dr. Adolf Hoel, lecturer on geology at the University of Christiania. Its purpose was to survey and chart the lands adjacent to the Norwegian mines on those islands, take soundings of the adjacent waters, and make other oceanographic investigations.

Snopes also says that it was just a local event, but all weather is local.
As interesting as this nearly century-old article might be from a modern perspective, however, it isn’t substantive evidence either for or against the concept of anthropogenic global warming. As documentedelsewhere, the warming phenomena observed in 1922 proved to be indicative only of a local event in Spitzbergen, not a trend applicable to the Arctic as a whole.
But any odd weather events can be used by Global Climate Change fanatics as proof of a trend.


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3 Responses to Arctic Water Too warm, Seals Affected

  1. I have noticed over the years that “warmest” whatever on record is always proof of AGW while “coldest” whatever is always just local weather. If one tries to point out that either both are weather or both are climate, the response is usually the equivalent of fingers in the ears while chanting “La, la, la, can’t hear you!”.

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