Very Hard to Prove Some Things


What follows is not legal advice, just an observation.  Bill Schmalfeldt is suing people who write about him in part because of what he figures is false light.  Brett Kimberlin sued under the same issues. In August 2014, he had his day in court.  The following is from the transcript.  The judge is addressing the issues of defamation and false light:

KIMBER v WALKER day 2.png

Brett Kimberlin had been mocked as the “Dred Pedo Kimberlin,” and had his non-profit groups connected with his previous life as a serial bomber.

Now, I didn’t do well on the LSAT (Law School entrance exam) so I never got to be a lawyer.  And different judges view things differently.  But assume for a moment these issues were dealt with in a similar manner in Schmalfeldt’s case.


Formerly Sterling Reputation

  • In both cases, the complaint is about writings directed at a mass audience about, but not to an individual.
  • In both cases, the individual objects to the material, and claims their reputation has been harmed.
  • Do the people being sued by Bill Schmalfeldt have a legitimate reason to believe as they do? Do they have photographic evidence?
  • Has his reputation ban sullied?  What was his reputation before the writings?
  • Can Bill Schmalfeldt find anyone who will state that they held him in good regard, and now have a diminished opinion of him? Is that even possible?
  • What activities has Bill Schmalfeldt participated in which might have caused his reputation to suffer? (I’m thinking here about writings which are still available online, comedy recordings written and produced by Bill Schmalfeldt, and statements he made on Twitter.)
  • Would now be a good time for Bill to quit this madness, before everybody has been served?

    Jerk Bill

    Bill briefly offered well-wishes to someone who he wrongly thought was divorcing.  What a guy!

BILL LOSEBill Schmalfeldt_Scrotum.JPG



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8 Responses to Very Hard to Prove Some Things

  1. MJ says:

    Bill doesn’t understand law period. He reads something and says, “Well if that’s what it says, it must be followed exactly.” However, he himself has violated the same laws under his very own legal interpretation. And yet, he doesn’t care, nor will he quit. Over at his cesspool website, he denigrates the same women he sues. He may claim its satire, but he’s followed it with a Federal lawsuit.

    Bill is ridiculously, and imperviously, stupid. And he will have to go through the process yet again and never understand he’s the problem.

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  2. wjjhoge says:

    Some things are very easy to prove.

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  3. Some reputations have been damaged for a decade or more, “as your swollen anal tissues can attest.”

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  4. Jeanette Victoria says:

    I had to share it seems Bill Schmalfeldt has an understudy who believes simply writing about his abuse of me and is “harassment!” I guess he feels screen shots of his own words is defamatory!


  5. Simo Häyhä says:

    That’s noble of you for trying to help Bill Schmalfeldt, but his brain wiring decouples his actions from future consequences.

    Bill thought the Krendler Grail was finally within his grasp when you purportedly turned and wielded the double-bladed ukulele. He had to stand on the brakes when attacking David Edgren wasn’t like taking candy from a cub scout. A gullible and overconfident patsy.


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