This Idea Will Come Here: A ‘Basic Income’

The idea that everybody should get a basic wage, paid by the government, is getting traction in Denmark and the UK.

From the Guardian:

“We don’t call it a basic income in Utrecht because people have an idea about it – that it is just free money and people will sit at home and watch TV,” said Heleen de Boer, a Green councillor in that city, which is half an hour south of Amsterdam.

Nevertheless, the municipalities are, in the words of de Boer, taking a “small step” towards a basic income for all by allowing small groups of benefit claimants to be paid £660 a month – and keep any earnings they make from work on top of that. Their monthly pay will not be means-tested. They will instead have the security of that cash every month, and the option to decide whether they want to add to that by finding work. The outcomes will be analysed by eminent economist Loek Groot, a professor at the University of Utrecht.

I’m sure the eminent economist will find that some folks won’t actually work extra, but will instead mooch off the rest of the productive folks. Which is the system now, but the new scheme will be easier to administer, since everybody qualifies.


Denmark, 2016

The motivation behind the experiment in Utrecht, according to Nienke Horst, a senior policy adviser to the municipality’s Liberal Democrat leadership, is for claimants to avoid the “poverty trap” – the fact that if they earn, they will lose benefits, and potentially be worse off.

The idea also hopes to target “revolving door clients” – those who are forced into jobs by the system but repeatedly walk out of them. If given a basic income, the thinking goes, these people might find the time and space to look for long-term employment that suits them.

Or, they might sit around eat the Danish equivalent of cheese doodles and beer.

The plan is to start small, with just a few municipalities, which will be crowded with Danish layabouts within a year.  Eventually, everybody will get this basic income, because well, governments never run short of money.


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4 Responses to This Idea Will Come Here: A ‘Basic Income’

  1. Toastrider says:

    It’s like they’ve never heard of ‘if you subsidize something you will get more of it’.

    Set aside arcane economic theories. Do NONE of these people know any teenagers?


  2. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Hell i know a guy who claims total disability and says he can’t write for a living but pounds out thousands upon thousands of words of hate rhetoric every month while collecting his check.
    What Denmark will find is that if you give a man a free fish he’ll expect you to feed him for free for life.

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  3. Paul Krendler says:

    Hey, as long as we get Sharon Stone crossing her legs again, I’m all for it!



  4. This idea has been popular with the American left since at least the Nixon presidency. My lefty-est relative, a Green Party candidate for the Texas State Congress, thinks it’s a great idea. He thinks a lot of odd things. To his credit, he’s never built a bomb, perved on a child, or even been vocally supportive of those who do. Never sued anyone, either, because he’s politically wrong, but not what you could reasonably call a DUMBFUCK.


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