“Welcome to the party, pal…”

Educator Cato Reno warns that this microaggression and trigger warning culture will stifle education.  It sounds like a new concept to this writer — hence the title above.  Welcome to the fight.

 First, I want to give credit where credit is due.  I had no idea about microaggressions until I read the shockingly fascinating article “The Coddling of the American Mind” by Greg Lukiano and Jonathan Hardt which appeared in The Atlantic. I have attached a link to the article and of course, I highly recommend that you read it. free speech cartoon image

My fear as an educator and a human being is that this erects an unnecessary brick wall against conversing as a whole.  In teaching philosophy, history, or any social science for that matter, it is important to be able to have honest conversations, and ask real questions.  As an educator, I may avoid subjects which historically are true, worth knowing, and enlightening all because I fear using the wrong term.  The result may then be constantly fearing if I use the wrong term, phrase, or example; What will be the consequences?  Do I need to memorize the ever-changing politically correct lexicon in order to communicate ideas that I know are not racist or bigoted but may be construed to be so?  

Apparently, yes.  I wouldn’t teach college today, or try to teach history without being very careful.  Forget about primary documents — these are dangerous.  Talk as little as possible.  Assume your every lecture or idea is being recorded and sent to the dean.

But remember.  If this generation takes hold of institutions beyond the university, there will be no debate.  There will be “bad ideas” and “good ideas,” and heaven help the teacher or politician or businessperson who even mentions something from column B.


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3 Responses to “Welcome to the party, pal…”

  1. rt895 says:

    My guess is things are only going to get worse until the colleges figure out that 90% of the Speshual Snewphlaques who have tantrums about microagressions etc. have no need to be on their campus at all.

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    • Gus Bailey says:

      Nope, they will implode when they continue to give in to the brats who will subsequently sue them for malpractice when their degree in homoerotic andeluvian pottery doesn’t get them a job; or at least not a job that will allow them to pay off their six figure student loans. Of course our betters in DC will just forgive the loans and put the kids on welfare, so there’s that.

      I don’t care if you want to get a Master’s in homoerotic underwater basket weaving, but do it on your own dime.

      Someone once proposed making the school co-sign on the loan so that they would have skin in the game to make the student marketable.

      Meh, just like medicine, the government will continue to meddle until the only “acceptable” fix is nationalization.

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  2. Gus and rt are onto something: If the graduates of Women’s Studies could/cannot get a job, the university has an obligation to close or drastically reduce courses in that area. Universities publish employment stats these days. I’m too lazy to look it up.
    By trimming these majors, and beefing up the hard stuff, a responsible university could get rid of some of the whiny jerks. Of course, universities are staffed by whiny jerks in some cases, so I doubt it would happen in its own.

    To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with studying crap that has no economic value. All of my kids however have studied in majors with employment opportunities.

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